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1 August 2011
Card Launch

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The First Premier prepaid Mastercard was reviewed and launched on Prepaid365 earlier today. The first premier prepaid card is a pay monthly prepaid Mastercard  bought to consumers by the team at Payment Card technologies, one of the UK’s leading prepaid card providers and programme managers. A general spend card, the first premier prepaid credit card is aimed at consumers looking for the flexibility of cash but all the security and stability associated with the Mastercard brand.

With additional supplementary cards available, they’re also great for parents with teenagers or kids at school, college or university where money can be moved quickly and easily onto the additional card. With no overdraft facility and no hidden fees, they are a great way for teaching kids to live within their means.

The top 5 reasons for getting an First Premier card would be as follows

  • Low Fee Pay Monthly Card – With a £1.00 monthly fee, this prepaid credit card is undoubtedly one of the best priced pay monthly prepaid cards available to consumers in the UK market.
  • Zero UK Transaction fees – A number of pay monthly pre paid card providers charge a fee for UK transactions. Not the First Premier team; retail transactions in the UK on the card are 100% free so you can use your card as mnay times as you want to make purchases and there is no additional fee at all.
  • Amazingly Low Cross Border FX fee – Most prepaid card providers charge between 2.25% – 2.95% as a foreign exchange fee when you use your prepaid card in a region where the transactional currency is different from the card currency. This card, on the other hand, has the one of the lowest cross border FX fees at 2.00% – exceptional value indeed.
  • Great for Sharing Funds with Friends and Family – You can apply for additional cards along with your primary card and use your first premier prepaid credit card to share money with friends and family. Cards are linked and money can be moved from one account to the other easily and quickly.
  • Backed by Payment Card Technologies – The First Premier Prepaid Mastercard is bought to you by the team at PCT which is a leading and award winning prepaid card programme manager allowing consumers can use their prepaid card with confidence and convenience.

Read the First Premier Prepaid Card review and find out more about the benefits of this exceptional value pay monthly prepaid card at Prepaid365 or apply for the card on the First premier website.

You can buy the First Premier Prepaid Card at

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