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7 August 2009
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Phones4u launches prepaid Mastercard cards by teaming up with Newcastle Building Society and Mastercard to release the Escape Prepaid Mastercard and the Neon Prepaid Mastercard.

Unlike the fee-free cards that 02 recently announced for their customers, the Phones4U cards carry charges.

The Escape Mastercard Prepaid Card and the Neon Mastercard Prepaid Card will not only make topping up your mobile phone easier, they can also be used to make purchases at over 28.5 million retailers worldwide that accept Mastercard and to withdraw cash from 1.5 million ATMs across the globe. Top ups can be made free via text message in just 60 seconds, 24 hours a day.

  • Escape Prepaid Mastercard
    The Escape Mastercard Prepaid Card is aimed at ethnic minorities and aims to make it easier to transfer money by making it completely free. Money can be sent via text, over the web or by calling customer services 24 hours a day.
  • Neon Prepaid Mastercard
    The Neon Mastercard Prepaid Card is aimed at teenagers, but allows parents to keep abreast of their children’s spending as well as put restrictions on them. Offering cards to children might seem irresponsible, but because the Neon is prepaid there is no risk of kids building up debt and it also restricts the purchase of alcohol and tobacco, and gambling.

Both Mastercard cards are available to buy from 450 Phones 4u stores, with no bank account needed and thus 100% card acceptance guaranteed. The cards are aimed at different segments of the market and a travel card is likely to be launched in the future.

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