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The term “prepaid debit card” is sometimes used to describe prepaid cards which are a form of plastic payment cards which may look very similar to a debit or credit card issued by the bank but are in fact, quite different.

Prepaid Debit Cards are actually a form of payment card which require you to put money on your card before you can then use that money to make purchases. So in one sense, the term prepaid debit card does make sense as you “prepay” a specific amount on to a “card” and then money is debited from your “prepaid debit card” every time you make a purchase or withdrawal.

Prepaid Debit Cards are becoming very popular with consumers and businesses alike as they provide consumers with a safe and secure payment mechanism which does not require any credit checks or bank accounts and there is an almost 100% approval rate for those who apply.

Businesses are also benefiting as prepaid cards allow them to harmonise payroll and reduce costs and bring together all the efficiencies that one would expect of such a solution.

Some of the popular prepaid debit card products in the market include the

Prepaid Financial Services and White Eagle Prepaid Card services are quite popular for business prepaid debit card solutions.

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