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Its quite difficult to pick one card as the best prepaid card as different prepaid cards are best for different reasons in different categories. It really depends on what you intend to use your prepaid card for and that use will define what is the best prepaid card for you.

Our team have used and researched the entire market in the UK and these are our views on the leading contenders for best prepaid card and the almost there “best prepaid card” in these different sectors.

Here are the winners of Prepaid365 Awards 2009.

Best General Purpose Prepaid Card

Best Travel Money Prepaid Card

Best Money Transfer Prepaid Card

Best Gaming Prepaid Card

Best Payroll and Expenses Prepaid Card

Best Privacy and Anonimity Prepaid Card

Best Youth Prepaid Card

Best Prepaid Gift Card

Best Internet Shopping Prepaid Card

Best Unbanked Prepaid Card

Best Business Prepaid Card Provider for Large Volume > 10,000 cards

Best Business Prepaid Card Provider for Small Volume < 10,000 cards

Visit out consumer prepaid card comparison section to find the best prepaid card to suit your needs. If you wish to use a prepaid card for your business, visit our business prepaid card section.

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