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Prepaid Cards for Consumers

Whether you are looking for a prepaid card for sharing money with friends and family, for using on your travels abroad or for shopping online in a safe and secure environment, we can help find the right consumer prepaid card. Prepaid cards can also be used for safe and secure online gaming, receiving winnings or wages on your card, ensuring that your identity and privacy online are safe or simply for providing a gift of choice to your loved ones to do as they please.

Consumer Prepaid Card Categories

Whether you want to shop, pay bills, or manage your spending more effectively; prepaid cards provide you a simple, effective, and easier way to use and manage your money.

Prepaid cards are especially appropriate for the unbanked - those without a bank account or those with a poor credit history who usually end up with no access to a plastic card. This inhibits them from shopping online at sites like eBay, Ryanair, easyJet, Amazon, etc which means that miss out on excellent offers online. With a prepaid card, they can put an end to this as there is no credit check and everyone is welcome to apply. In fact, as long as the prepaid card issuer can verify their identify and address, they will get a prepaid card. Read on to find out more about consumer prepaid cards.

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