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Last updated on 21st April 2008

At Prepaid365 (otherwise referred to in this statement as “the company”, “we” or “us”), we are committed to safeguarding your privacy.

You can contact us regarding any part of the statement by emailing
When you register to use this website, we collect personal information about you. Your personal information may be used to:

  • respond to requests for brochures, newsletters or media packs or other information you submit;
  • answer enquiries you submit to us;
  • Provide you with details of products and services offered by us.

Any personal information you send to us will be held in the strictest confidence, and in accordance with this privacy policy. Information collected may also be used to perform statistical analysis of your interaction with our website in an aggregated anonymous format and will not be used to identify individuals.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.

From time to time we may add new features to or enhance this privacy policy. This may lead to changes in how we collect and/or use your personal information. Any such changes will be notified to you either at the point any new personal information is collected or by us updating this privacy policy. Your subsequent use of this website or submission of personal information to us will be deemed to signify your acceptance to the changes.

Cookies – what do we use them for?

Internet cookies are common and do not harm your system – they are small text files placed on your computer by a web browser, which has been sent to you by a web server, they just store or gather site information. It is essentially an ‘identification card’ relating to you. They help you do things online, like remembering your logon details so you don’t have to re-enter them when revisiting a site.

We use cookies to:

  • Gather customer journey information across our site
  • Ensure your privacy in our secure sites
  • Store login details for our secure sites
  • Temporarily store details input into our calculators, tools, illustrations and demonstrations
  • Store details of your marketing, product and business unit preferences to improve our targeting and enhance your journey through our sites
  • Evaluate our sites advertising and promotional effectiveness.

We use both our own and our partner companies’ cookies to support these activities. We don’t use cookies to track people’s Internet usage after leaving our sites and we don’t store personal information in them that others could read and understand. We will not sell or distribute cookie information without your prior consent.You can disable cookies from your computer system by following the instructions at but if you do not accept incoming cookies then the performance of our Site on your system may not be to the full standard or our Site may not serve you at all.


Some customers may receive an email claiming to be from Prepaid365  with a link to what appears to be our website, where they are prompted to enter their personal and account details. Prepaid365 is in no way involved with this email and the website does not belong to us or any of our partners. Prepaid365 will never send emails to its customers requesting security or any other confidential information. Do not reply to any such emails or disclose any personal information in these websites. If you think you have received a fraudulent email that looks like it is from Prepaid365, forward the entire email including the header and footer to and then delete it from your email account.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or would like us to amend or destroy your details, please contact us at


This site and all the information and all graphic representations or images on it belong to Prepaid365 or are stock images that Prepaid365 are licensed to use in the absence of any contrary indication.

Copyright and all intellectual property rights in any information and any graphics on this site or relating to it are vested in Prepaid365 and reserved, subject to any contrary indication.

No part of the text or graphics on this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical or otherwise, including by photocopying, facsimile transmission, recording, re-keying or using any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from Prepaid365. “Information” includes (without limitation) any statement of fact or opinion, advice, data, documents or computer readable material in any form whatsoever.

This copyright and legal notice extends to all versions of the Prepaid365 Website as listed below


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