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Prepaid Reviews

There are over a 100 different prepaid cards being offered in the UK market and finding the one that is right for you can be quite a challenge.The best prepaid card depends on your need and as such the best prepaid card for travel may not necessarily offer the best value for general everyday money. We haven’t quite got to a 100 prepaid credit card reviews yet but our reviews teams are working continuously to bring an increasing number of prepaid card reviews to you.

The fact is that whilst prepaid cards are great, they do have some fees attached to them and you can minimise those fees by choosing a prepaid card that works best for you. Read our prepaid credit card reviews and find the card that suits you best.

Prepaid Card Reviews By Name
What's in a name? Well, apparently a lot. Wish to look at every single card in the market, check out our A-Z list of prepaid cards or go through them one at a time. Read our reviews in the way that suits you best.
Prepaid Card Reviews By Type
MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Amex - the choice of brand will have an impact on the acceptance of the brand at home and abroad. We have segmented our prepaid card reviews by brand offering.
Prepaid Card Reviews By Category
Some cards offer the best value for money when used abroad whereas others offer value closer to home. Identify your need and where you are most likely to use your card and find one from the following categories.
  • General Purpose
  • Travel
  • Money Transfer
  • Payroll
  • Gifting
  • Gaming
  • Privacy
  • Youth
  • Shopping
  • Unbanked
  • Business to Business
Prepaid Card Reviews By Fees
Some cards provide you with Free POS and ATM withdrawals but charge you a monthly fee. Others don't have a monthly fee but similar to Pay As You Go phones, charge you for every transaction. Pay Weekly is similar to Pay Monthly but as the name suggests, payments are collected every week which is ideal for short term usage.
  • Pay As You Go
  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay Weekly
Prepaid Card Reviews By Currency
Self explanatory but using currency cards such as a Euro card in a Euro currency region or a USD card in a dollar currency region has obvious advantages as their is no conversion fee to be paid. We have segmented prepaid cards by Euro's, USD and GBP and will add more segments as other's become more popular but these are the 3 major currency card offering's in the UK.
Prepaid Card Reviews By Programme Manager
Some users may prefer to use a card provided by a company that has a reputation of providing a good service. At the end of the day credibility may matter and we have segmented prepaid cards based on the providers of those prepaid card programmes.
Prepaid Card Reviews By Rating
We produce independent reviews of prepaid cards and revise those reviews constantly. Here are our reviews based on card review rating.
  • 5 Star Prepaid Cards
  • 4 Star Prepaid Cards
  • 3 Star Prepaid Cards
  • 2 Star Prepaid Cards
  • 1 Star Prepaid Cards
  • Others
Other Tags
Some cards do not have an application fee, others do not charge for POS or ATM withdrawals. Here are some of our picks on popular cards within certain categories which seem to be popular with consumers.
  • Free Application
  • Free POS
  • Free ATM Withdrawals
  • Best Prepaid Cards
  • Under 18's prepaid cards

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