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17 February 2010
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Prepaid365, the UK’s leading prepaid card comparison site, announced the winners of the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2010 recognising best in class prepaid credit card providers in the UK across different categories such as Money Transfer, Travel, Payroll, Gaming, General Spend, Online Shopping and Youth.

In the second edition of the awards, subject matter experts at Prepaid365 spent the last three months researching and reviewing 100’s of prepaid cards across the UK with the help of consumers.

Divya Sharma, Marketing and PR Director at Prepaid365 commented “The process has been exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure. The Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards are not about industry recognition but rather about consumer recognition focussing on consumer perceptions around what they desire with a prepaid card programme and provider. We have followed on from the grand launch of the July 2009 awards in rewarding and recognising high quality prepaid card propositions – based on consumer opinions around acquisition, usage and rewards.”

Winners on the night included

  • Best Newcomer 2009-10 –   O2 Prepaid Card
  • Best General Purpose Prepaid Card –   Cashplus Gold Prepaid Card
  • Best Travel Money Prepaid Card –   Rational FX Prepaid Card & Caxton FX
  • Best Money Transfer Prepaid Card –   Payzone Worldwide Money Prepaid Card
  • Best Gaming Prepaid Card –   Neteller Net+ Prepaid Card
  • Best Payroll & Expenses Prepaid Card –   White Eagle Prepaid Card
  • Best Privacy & Anonymity Prepaid Card –   Splash Prepaid Card
  • Best Youth Prepaid Card –   Neon Prepaid Card
  • Best Prepaid Gift Card –   BabeeCard Prepaid Card
  • Best Internet Shopping Prepaid Card –   Cashplus Prepaid Card
  • Best Unbanked Prepaid Card –   ClearCash Prepaid Card
  • Best Large Business Prepaid Card Provider –   TSYS
  • Best Small Business Prepaid Card Provider –   Prepaid Financial Services
  • Best Closed Loop Gift Card Provider –   PrePay Solutions (Accor & Mastercard)

Rich Wagner, CEO, Advanced Payment Solutions stated that “APS and the entire Prepaid industry appreciate the work that Prepaid365 are doing as they play a vital role in the success of the prepaid industry. Raising awareness within this industry and most importantly raising awareness to the all important consumer is paramount to the success of APS and those that work within the industry. By building awareness via these awards and via Prepaid365’s own comparison website, Prepaid365 are enabling potential clients by indentifying top performing companies like APS while also providing valuable product comparison for customers to make informed decisions about the best prepaid card solution for them. APS certainly applaud and support the work they do.”

Warren Hardy, Founder & CEO of White Eagle commented, “Prepaid365’s industry expertise and dedicated comparison site which offers consumers valuable information about the cards on offer within the prepaid marketplace makes them an ideal resource to list the White Eagle card programme. “

Amit Sharma, CEO at Prepaid365 and founder of the Prepaid365 Prepaid card Awards commented that “The Prepaid card industry has evolved rapidly and the last 12-18 months has seen consumer awareness and knowledge grow rapidly too. With over a 100 prepaid card products in the market, consumers now have a lot of choice and the pressure on prepaid card providers to provide a better value proposition is greater than ever before.

Those who do have ultimately stood out and have been recognised by consumers and the awards bear testimony to that. Prepaid Card providers need to recognise that consumers are smart and savvy and providing them with the same stock standard prepaid card proposition is no longer enough. It is time for the original innovators to innovate again.”

Prepaid365 is the UK’s leading prepaid card comparison site providing reviews and comparisons of prepaid credit cards for businesses and consumers in the UK and a comprehensive FAQ section. Review and compare cards for Money Transfer, Travel, Gaming, Shopping, Payroll and Expense management, Privacy, Gifting and Business.

What the Winners Said

  • Rich Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, APS and leading prepaid industry visionary commented that “At APS, we are honoured that prepaid365 has recognised cashplus for a second year in a row in the Best General Purpose category and now Best Internet Shopping Prepaid card. We continue to strive to make our product not only better than other prepaid cards but better than banking accounts you can get on the high street. After 5 years of delivering superior products and services to our customers, we appreciate the accolades that prepaid365 have given APS, but we will not become complacent as a result. We look to deliver many new innovations this coming year to support our loyal and growing customer base. These upcoming capabilities are what customers and in fact the industry has come to expect from APS and the cashplus brand.”
  • Gemma Johnson, founder and CEO at BaBeeCard commented that “winning the awards at the inaugural edition was great but retaining the Best Prepaid Gift Card award and winning a few more awards along the way at the first Prepaid Card Awards ceremony of the year has made this an extra special start to 2010. Our premise has always been to deliver exceptional value to our customers and the awards are recognition for those efforts over the last 12 months. 2010 promises to be a great year for our customers as we continue to deliver our passion to consumers.”
  • Samuel Mond, Operations Director at ClearCash, comments, “when developing ClearCash we knew it was key to take a hands on approach, ensuring our clients had as much support as possible to work towards a financially stable future and a more fluid cashflow. ClearCash has worked really hard to create a product that doesn’t discriminate against people who have had trouble with money and which helps them stay in control. Even basic bank accounts treat these people as funts – financial untouchables – at least some of the time. We are glad that consumers, through the Prepaid365 portal, have recognised the contribution ClearCash, a Prepaid card, can make to creating a level playing field for those consumers who have been abandoned by mainstream banks and cards.”
  • Paul Smith, Managing Director of EZ Pay Limited commented “although we’re a relative newcomer to the prepaid market, our outstanding success to date shows that we’ve really hit the nail on the head when it comes to products that are focussed on the customer. As part of the Phones4u group we’re continuing their customer centric focus and are now the champions of the best deal for the consumer. At last it’s no longer about choosing the least expensive option where all the providers have high fees and ongoing charges. We’re the best overall value on the market, and we intend to keep things this way. We’re able to deliver a level of access and flexibility unavailable elsewhere. As such both Escape and Neon are able to offer the most exciting and financially beneficial packages with very low charges and some great cashback deals. Winning the Prepaid365 awards continues the recognition we’re achieving and is a great way to be starting 2010”
  • Fraser Campbell, Head of O2 Money, comments “We launched O2 money with the intention of bringing a fresh approach to money management, so we’re delighted to receive this recognition from the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards”.
  • Noel Moran, CEO, Prepaid Financial Services (PFS), commented “PFS has a unique approach to providing clients with comprehensive prepaid card services. We offer clients the choice of an ‘off the shelf’ solution that can be implemented in days, or completely bespoke white labelled prepaid card programs. Furthermore, we take a flexible approach to each client’s prepaid program, offering a level of proactivity and personal service that larger institutions find too resource intensive. We have worked extremely hard over the past year to provide first class services to match our clients’ specific requirements, and at a price they can afford. We are delighted to see the vision and commitment of our team recognised by both the industry and our customers.”
  • Gilles Coccoli, the Managing Director of PrePay Solutions commented “PrePay Solutions prides itself on being at the forefront of the industry and our success is testament to each and every member of staff who is committed and passionate about the prepaid market.”
  • Rajesh Agrawal, founder and CEO at Rational FX commented that “we are delighted with how far we have come in a short space of time since the card launch. To be nominated in an extremely competitive category was a win in itself but to win the actual award is excellent reward for our entire team. When we launched Rational FX as a business in 2005, I was often queried how our business would fare in an already competitive FX market and my response has always been about providing value to customers. Our FX rates, whether on the card or for currency exchange or our other services are far superior to the traditional FX providers and banks. Add to that the experience of our trading desk and our world class customer service and you really cannot go wrong. The Travel Money cards are based on the same principles – excellent added value, best FX rates and world class service.”
  • Warren Hardy, Founder & CEO of White Eagle commented, “I am delighted to accept the award for Best Payroll and Expenses Prepaid Card 2010 for the White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card on behalf of the team at White Eagle. We have long known how well this card is suited to the corporate world and is currently being used by numerous Payroll providers and large employers to manage their payroll and staff expenses. White Eagle will continue to innovate and pioneer new value added products and services in the prepaid industry with many exciting new developments planned for 2010 and beyond.”

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