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28 October 2010
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The market for prepaid credit cards has been growing in leaps and bounds and there are close to 200 prepaid card programmes running in the UK with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, outside the travel sector and currency cards, it is possible to count the number of successes on one hand and even then, success may have to be defined rather optimistically.

One of the the few programmes to buck the trend of optimistic failures is the Net+ NETELLER Prepaid Credit Card programme.

The Net+ Prepaid Card programme is managed by the guys at Neteller and is available as either a physical Prepaid Mastercard or as a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard and here’s why these cards work.

  • The Net+ Prepaid Credit cards are relatively fee free
    One of the biggest criticisms of prepaid credit cards has been the endless fees attached to those prepaid cards.  with the Net+ prepaid card there is no application fee, POS transactions are free and their are no monthly fees too. There are no dormancy fees or inactivity fees too unlike a number of other prepaid credit cards in the market.
  • The cards are pretty “sexy”
    Not much to say about but the physical Net+ Prepaid Credit card is one extremely good looking piece of plastic and would undoubtedly grace any pocket.
  • The Net+ Prepaid Credit Cards fill an existing need
    By far the most important reason, the Net Prepaid card is not just something which has simply been imposed on to customers because Neteller thought it was a good idea. There was a definite need in terms of how Neteller’s online presence was translated into the physical world. Customers and affiliates needed to have a secure method of receiving payouts and withdrawing cash and the Net+ card allows them to do that safely and securely with reduced exposure to fraud as the Net+ card is not linked to the users bank account.The Virtual card offers the amazing functionality of generating a card number for one time online usage which ensures that even if card details are stolen, they cannot actually be used by the hacker/fraudster to do anything as by the time, the user has completed their transaction, that card number has expired too! Brilliant!

I think the lesson for the prepaid credit card industry is quite simple – come up with a simple, attractive and fee free product which fills an existing need for consumers as opposed to one that fills a corporate need to simply launch a programme.

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