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19 April 2011

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BaBeeCard, the prepaid card designed especially for mums, mums to be and families was celebrating a hattrick of wins at the 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards, after winning the “Best Online Shopping Prepaid Card” and “Best Prepaid Card Design” categories as well as scooping up the runners up gong for the “Best Gifting Prepaid Card”.

The annual Prepaid365 awards recognise best in class prepaid card propositions and providers voted for by consumers and Prepaid365’s subject matter experts with the awards being based on various factors including application process, card design, fee structure, features, functionality, added value and feedback from customer, customer services and the prepaid industry.

Amit Sharma, CEO of prepaid marketing consultancy Emotion Associates and founder of Prepaid365 mentioned “the BaBeeCard is all about delivering added value to families and that is a priceless proposition in these economic times. The recognition for BaBeeCard at the Prepaid365 awards is well deserved and marks a period of professional and personal success for the BaBeeCard team. We have always rated the BaBeeCard as one of the top prepaid products in the UK and consumers undoubtedly agree”

A prepaid Mastercard card, the BaBeeCard is not a credit card but a prepaid card that you can load with funds and then use to make purchases at over 30 million locations that accept Mastercard. No credit checks are necessary as there is no borrowing facility.

Gemma Johnson, founder and CEO at BaBeeCard, commented that “we are delighted to have won consumer recognition at the Prepaid365 Awards for a third year running. BaBeecard continues to flourish and looks forward to new and exciting developments in 2011. Our premise has always been to deliver exceptional value to our customers and the awards are recognition for those efforts over the last 12 months.  BaBeecard’s aim to help families save money, remains one that we are passionate about, with the recession having left many families struggling not least due to inflation which continues to rise. Despite the recent March budget specifically claiming to ‘raise the standards of families’ with some helpful concessions, families will actually be hit harder than single earners over the next two years, due to the tapering away of tax credits for incomes of more than £40, 000 and the imminent removal of child benefit from higher-rate taxpayers.  Financial saving for Families has never been so important.”

The awards also represent a personal triumph for Gemma who was recently voted the Winner in the 3rd annual MumsClub Business Awards in the Resilience Category for overcoming various setbacks in building her business including ‘glass ceiling’ attitude but was recently rewarded for her resilience and perseverance securing a seven figure investment to grow the business.

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