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13 September 2011

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UK Money Transfer Map reveals key insights

  • Oxfordshire’s cash connection to Kazakhstan Revealed.
  • Thailand tops the league as top money transfer destination for UK Residents.

A new ‘ethnicity map’ of the UK has thrown up the unexpected international connections of Oxfordshire with Kazakhstan, Gloucestershire with Kenya and Leicestershire with the Dominican Republic.

Figures from Escape Travel Money have, for the first time, revealed where different nationalities live across the UK – based on who sends the most money home to family and loved ones.

Tracking money transfer out of the UK in the first half of 2011, the Escape Travel Money data highlights how ethnically diverse Britain has become. And the figures also uncover some unusual – and unexpected – pockets of foreign workers.

For example:

  • More money is sent to the Dominican Republic from Leicestershire than any other part of the UK
  • Germans are the top money senders in Devon
  • Oxfordshire might be home to the exclusive Chipping Norton set, but it is also a favourite with people from Kazakhstan. They send more money home than any other nationality, followed by Indians and Chinese
  • Gloucestershire seems to have a real pull for Africans – those from Kenya and South Africa in particular
  • Aberdeenshire attracts a global workforce as the oil industry’s major hub. Wages head out of the country to China, Thailand, Ukraine and Tanzania
  • London and the South East is the most culturally diverse of all UK regions, with more than 70 different nationalities sending cash overseas

Alistair Firth, managing director, Escape Travel Money, explained: “The highest profile foreign workers in the UK have seemed to be from Eastern European countries, but our figures show that Britain is a much more diverse melting pot of nationalities.

“We’ve been amazed at just how many different countries are represented. It’s probably no surprise that London and the North West are the regions that send the most money home, but there are some very strange quirks elsewhere that seem to reveal unknown communities. For example, in Wiltshire more cash is sent to Swaziland than anywhere else.”

Thai nationals live up to their reputation of hard workers with strong family bonds and come out as the top money exporters. Thailand is the country with the most money transferred abroad in an astonishing seven [Scotland, North, North West, Yorkshire, Wales, East Anglia and London/SE] out of 11 UK regions.

Other large currency ‘exporters’ include Filipinos, who feature among the top three in six UK regions [Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, South West and East Anglia] and South Africans, who have a major presence in three regions [West Midlands, London/SE and South West].

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Figures are based on analysis of money sent and withdrawn aboard using pre-paid currency cards from Phones4U – the Escape Travel Money card and the Escape card. Statistics used apply to money sent out of the UK between January and June 2011.


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