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21 October 2011

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As Brits grow more adventurous and travel beyond the America’s and Europe, the market for Sterling prepaid cards has also started growing in popularity as well. Sterling currency cards are prepaid currency cards on which the main transactional currency is GBP Sterling.

UK Currency cards are generally available in Euro, Dollar and Sterling although some providers now provide travel money cards in South African Rand and Australian Dollars as well. It is usually ideal to purchase a travel card in the currency of your travel destination but if you are unable to find a card that matches your travel destinations transactional currency, it is best to get a sterling prepaid currency card.

Why Get a Sterling Prepaid Card

Overseas fraud cost Brits over £122.7m in card fraud losses according to APACS figures in 2009 and hence, getting a prepaid card for overseas travel is highly recommended. However, if you are travelling outside of Euro or USD region or if you are planning to travel to a number of destinations outside of Europe and the US, then a Sterling Prepaid Travel Card is just the ticket as it can be used in any country, with any currency and you do not end up having to convert GBP to Euro/Dollar and then to the local currency.

Typical  Features of GBP Currency Cards:

  • The main transactional currency is GBP
  • There are usually no additional fees or commissions as all such fees and charges are typically included in the exchange rate applied.
  • You can usually load your card online, over the phone, or via SMS.
  • The balance on your prepaid currency card is held in GBP Sterling. Funds are converted live to the transactional currency at the point of a sale.
  • Depending on whether your card is a VISA or Mastercard card, it can be used anywhere around the globe which accepts VISA or Mastercard respectively.
  • Prepaid Travel Cards are typically Chip and PIN which provide you with safe and secure access to your funds.

Unlike other prepaid currency cards, you do not need to wait for the right time to load your Sterling prepaid card as there is no FX involved in loading your GBP card. However, remember most prepaid currency cards require a minimum load at the time of application, so make sure you are aware of the minimum initial load when applying for your currency prepaid card.

Find out more about Sterling Prepaid Cards at Prepaid365 – the prepaid comparison portal.

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