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24 November 2011

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Not getting approval for a new credit card can be put down to a number of factors. The main factor amongst those suffering from a poor credit rating as a result of CCJ’s, debt’s or a poor credit score. In the western world, it is almost impossible to look beyond credit rating as mechanism of determining a persons ability to repay credit and due to this, an individual applying for credit will have a hard time applying for a new account because past records will prove that the individual is incapable of fulfilling his obligations.

Plastic is King

Not getting a credit card makes it extremely difficult for the person as it is often repeated that in this generation, plastic rules the universe and you are hamstrung if you have no access to plastic. This is an unfortunate truism of the modern world. That’s where credit credit for bad credit come in to the equation.

Banks, Prepaid Cards and Bad Credit Options

One of the good things about some banks is that they allow customers the ability to improve their credit history and amend previous bad credit reputation by allowing these individuals to access to certain types of credit cards that come with a low or limited credit limit. Through this, the bank can monitor if the account holder is being responsible when it comes to payments or not and can use this as an indicator of potential future performance of that individual in fulfilling their obligations. These credit cards for bad credit offer the customers a chance to re-establish and revamp their credit records and build a good credit history.

There are a lot banks that offer credit credit for bad credit  so the account holder will be able to start to rebuild his credit standing. Banks such as HSBC and Vanquis especially cater to people with bad credit.

Visa and Mastercard also provide cards that cater to people in the same predicament. There are a number of prepaid cards providers who provide prepaid credit cards in the UK market which help cater to this segment and help them improve their credit rating using tools such as Creditbuilder, Credit booster, Budget master, etc. Prepaid cards usually come without any interest and there is no credit actually provided on the cards but the providers offer options by which they can help improve ones rating. Cashplus, First Premier, ClearCash and Kalixa are some of the prepaid options available to consumers as a prepaid Mastercard that can help improve credit history.

Dealing with Financial Crisis

There are a number of ways that should be used to prevent another financial crisis from bad credit that a consumer already finds themselves in and the most important thing is to never miss deadlines when it comes to paying debts and to make sure that the balance will all be settled within the month. Credit cards for bad credit are designed by companies to give consumers the opportunity to gain back or rebuild their good credit standing and not to give these people another chance to irresponsibly pile up unpaid debt again.

In this modern age, where money is primarily used in the form of plastic, it’s actually a good thing that people still have the chance to redeem themselves when it comes to improving their credit score and rating. With services like Experian, Equifax, etc it is now possible for individuals who are financially underserved to review their current standing with lenders and improve their creditability using bad credit credit cards and prepaid cards for the un-banked. There are even prepaid cards basic banking accounts offered by some providers.

The key undoubtedly is to ensure that individuals use the opportunity provided by these prepaid cards and adverse credit credit cards wisely and do not fall into irresponsible spending again.

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