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14 December 2011

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A Prepaid Mastercard is essentially a Mastercard branded prepaid card and like most prepaid cards, has several advantages to offer especially when shopping online.  It is no secret that most credit cards that are used to purchase products or services through online shopping can be cloned.  Some credit card holders that made a purchase online using their credit cards might be surprised on the next bill that there are extra purchases made with the card even not made by them.  It’s a clear case of card cloning wherein somebody was able to hack your card when you had provided the details asked from you when you purchased something online.

Such things will not happen to prepaid Mastercard.  When you load some funds on your prepaid card to be used in online purchases, make it a point to load only the needed amount for the purchase so that even if your card is cloned, the culprit won’t be able to get anything from your card because there will be no more funds to withdraw .  The prepaid card is not a credit card that can provide additional funds when needed which will be include in the next billing statement.  Another good thing about a prepaid card is that you won’t be able to go over the limit that you have set for yourself in order to monitor your expenses.

Availing a prepaid Mastercard won’t subject you to a credit check since you will be the one to provide the funds for it prior to its use.  Just make sure that you are availing the correct card for your self and that you did understand very well the terms and conditions set forth by the card company even if it is a prepaid card.

One of the biggest benefits of a prepaid card is that you can purchase at any store (that accepts it) and even buy online using the card without having to worry about over spending.  There will be absolutely no interest that will ever accrue because purchases can only be drawn against your money or the money that the prepaid card still contains.  You can expect that there will be no debt to pay since no credit was extended and availed in the first place.  If the card will be used to avail some cash advances, the transaction will be denied.  There are also no monthly payments since all purchases were deducted directly from the prepaid card’s account. You can also pay bills online using your prepaid card.

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