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21 March 2012

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Virgin Airlines is to take its flight rewards system global, by linking up the scheme across its different airlines around the world.

People in the UK will know Virgin Atlantic Airways, but the multi-national company has a number of airlines around the world.

These include Virgin America and Virgin Australia, which are linking up with Virgin Atlantic to offer global benefits to frequent flyers.

“Virgin got into the airline business three decades ago to offer great value and a brilliant experience,” said Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

“Today’s travellers still choose Virgin for the same reason: because we do things differently. I am thrilled that we can now reward our loyal guests with the ability to fly around the world on Virgin.”

Under the new plans, frequent flyers on any of Virgin’s airlines will be able to redeem their points across all three carriers.

That means that those earning points regularly with Virgin Atlantic will be able to use them to fly to any Virgin destination around the world.

The move has been welcomed by the various Virgin airlines, who have said they look forward to generating more business as a result of the new initiative.

“As a new US airline, our guests have believed from day one that we could create a better travel experience here in the States,” said Virgin America President and CEO David Cush.

“As we prepare to mark our fifth year anniversary, we are thankful to the travellers who got us where we are today and excited to take their benefits to the next level with global rewards and continued Elevate program enhancements in 2012 and beyond.”

There are a number of businesses under the Virgin banner, including Virgin Money which offers a prepaid travel money card.

Like other travel money cards, it offers customers safety and convenience when travelling abroad.

More and more people are using travel money cards when they go on holiday in the current climate. It was revealed recently that up to £1 billion is taken from British bank accounts through people using their card abroad and incurring subsequent charges.

Customer body Consumer Focus has complained that Brits are forced to pay extra bank charges which can often seem misleading or unclear. Consumer Focus suggested that someone who is taking £200 out of a foreign cash machine would currently incur an average charge of £10. On top of this, someone who converts £500 into Euros will be charged as much as £30 for doing so. Consumer Focus has also stated that this is far from ideal.


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