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28 March 2012

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Men spend more money on their credit cards than women do, research into our credit card spending habits has revealed.

It was found that the average male credit card user will spend 15% more with his plastic than the average female card user will.

The research also revealed that men spend more than women on typically male things, such as cars, sports and hardware.

Conversely, women were found to spend more than their male counterparts on typically female things, like clothes, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

The gender-stereotypical spending is an interesting finding from the research, which was conducted by the Card branch of Santander.

It found that, when it comes to credit card spending, men are all about their cars. Men spend an average of 113% more than women on car rental with their credit cards.

Other car-related spending included at car accessory outlets, where men spend 108% more than women; and repair shops, where men spend 68% more than women.

It was also found that men spend more on keeping their car running, spending 63% more than women on credit cards at the petrol pumps.

Other areas where men out-spend women with their credit cards include on sporting events, hotels, dining at restaurants and drinking in bars.

But there are plenty of areas where women outdo the men on credit card spending. In true gender conformation, credit card spending is all about shopping for women.

The research found that women spend 83% more than men with their plastic in clothes shop, while also spending 38% more at department stores.

As well as dressing well, women also want to look and feel good. It was found that they spend 87% more than men at pharmacies, and 20% more on health care.

But it’s not all clothes and home furnishings; it seems women are taking on the weekly shop – spending 12% more in supermarkets than men.

“It’s revealing that people seem to conform to gender stereotypes in their credit card usage, with women using their cards more in clothes shops and department stores and men spending more on their vehicles, in sports shops and in bars and restaurants,” said Adam Mussert, from Santander Cards.

Credit cards can be useful for consumers, with some offering a range of rewards. But they can also be a dangerous spending tool, forcing people into heavy debt.

A prepaid card is a far more sensible option for both men and women. By loading a set amount on a prepaid card, there is no danger of over-spending or acquiring debt.

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