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2 July 2012
Card Launch

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02.07.12 – The Moneycorp Explorer Prepaid Card was reviewed and launched on Prepaid365 in June this year and this spanking new travel card is already making headlines.

One of the most innovative prepaid card launches within 2011, the Moneycorp prepaid card allows travellers to carry 14 currencies on the same card making it ideal for travellers who are planning to travel across different regions and that “round the world” trip perhaps. With a 5 year validity, no transaction or ATM fees and no loading or reloading fees, this multi-currency card is a travellers dream companion.

The top 5 reasons for getting a Moneycorp Explorer prepaid card would be as follows

  1. Genuine Multi-currency Card – With 14 spectacular currencies on the same card, the Moneycorp prepaid card is probably the only genuine multi-currency card in the UK market. That saves you having to carry more than one currency card if you are travelling to different regions.
  2. Zero Transaction and ATM fees – This is not an error – there are no transaction or ATM fees on the Moneycorp Explorer card when it is used in the UK or abroad.
  3. No Loading or Reloading Fees – You heard it here first. There is no fee for loading or reloading your Moneycorp prepaid card. This is truly one very special fee free prepaid card.
  4. Award Winning Prepaid Card – This prepaid card is already making headlines where it matters most. Within a year of launching, consumers voted the Moneycorp Explorer card as the “Best Prepaid Card Innovation” at the 2012 Prepaid365 Awards. Bravo!
  5. 5 Year Card Validity – Say What? Yup – you heard us right. The Moneycorp Travel card is valid for 5 incredible years which means that you do not need to apply for a new card during that period and have a card which you can use over 5 years in 14 currencies!

Read the Moneycorp prepaid card review and find out more about the benefits of this exceptional fee free genuine multi-currency prepaid travel card.

You can buy the Moneycorp Prepaid Card at

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