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17 December 2013
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Travelling at Christmas is becoming increasingly common – whether it’s going to visit the family or jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime.

Regardless of where you’re heading this winter season, there’s a few essentials that everyone should bring to guarantee that all goes to plan.

Passports and paperwork

If you’re travelling abroad or staying in a hotel then the chances are you’ll require your passport or some form of payment – even if it’s something as simple as a booking reservation.

In order to ensure the journey is as stress-free as possible, don’t forget the essential documents you need – hunting through the drawers for it all well in advance is definitely recommended. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Phone chargers

Most people struggle without their phone, so the best way to ensure unnecessary stress is to keep it charged up.

It also means that you can enjoy your phone during the actual journey, from music or video-streaming to taking plenty of pictures of wherever you are on your travels.

Travel adaptors

There are few things worse than taking electrical products with you only to find that you can’t actually use them as they won’t fit into the plug sockets.

Having an adaptor overcomes this issue in a flash and means you can use your hair straighteners, cameras, razors or whatever other electrical items you may have with you.


This doesn’t have to be large or indeed expensive, but having a small torch can help if something was to seriously go wrong, especially at night.

You might take the approach that having a breakdown or other technical problem will never happen to you, but it’s better not to take the risk, isn’t it?

Holiday insurance

If you’re off to sunnier climes or indeed to snow-covered peaks then travel insurance to keep you and your belongings protected is a definite essential.

Hunt around for some deals and just get the sort of cover you think you need – there’s no need for full level cover if you won’t be doing anything that merits it.

And finally, if you are off to visit the family then don’t forget the presents!

Travel Money

Prepaid travel cards have quickly replaced cash and traveller cheques as one of the leading ways to  travel with your funds on a card, ensuring that you’ll be safe from any sudden surprises when the bills come through following your getaway. They are also ideal to help you budget effectively while you’re away, which means that you can’t possibly get too carried away financially!

Here’s to safer, stress free dream winter holidays!

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