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24 December 2013
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Before you’ve even polished off your Christmas dinner this year, there will be bargains available over this festive period.

However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to spend, spend, spend! It is almost certain that you will have spent enough already on gifts for friends and family, so any spending strategy you have in place for the period between Christmas and New Year needs to reflect this.

Online sales will start on Christmas Day, while the Boxing Day bonanza is set to entice a lot of people in with dramatic savings on a whole host of products.

With everyone out to take advantage of reduced prices, here are a few useful tips if you decide to take on the warzone that is the retail sector during the sales:

Arrive early

The sales are typically a very busy time of year, so being prepared is important – arriving early to find somewhere to park or to get a seat on public transport is always beneficial.

Hopefully this means you’ll avoid the mad rush and the stress of parking, meaning you can focus on the reason for your trip – shopping!

With so many outlets offering sales items, there are plenty of reasons to take advantage while you can always limit the amount you want to spend with the use of a prepaid card.

Hunt for bargains

Some shops get a lot of stock in especially for the sales, so in truth the savings are not that big but others will have items at seasonally low prices and these are what you should hunt for.

Products that are marked up significantly prior to a sale could be found at a similar price elsewhere and might not necessarily represent a saving.

Therefore, it’s important to have an idea of what you might want when you are out, and to have a rough idea of what you’d be willing to pay for it.

Set a budget

This is tied in quite nicely to the concept of hunting for bargains, as you won’t want to overpay for any items during the sales.

It can be all too easy to spend an awful lot on items that we have no real use for, so it’s important to have limits.

Having a prepaid card is a great way to achieve this as you’ll be able to control your spending while knowing you are buying products that you can afford.

They provide safe and secure shopping when purchasing online, while your privacy and identity can remain protected.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping from the team at Prepaid365

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