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31 December 2013

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The Post Office Travel Money Survey has revealed that tourism could become even more lucrative for Brits in 2014 as a strong pound equates to increased spending money.

As the power of sterling rises, British tourists will witness an increase of more than a quarter in their spending money – great news for those planning to get away in the coming year.

With that spending money held securely in prepaid travel cards, a leading alternative to cash and travellers’ cheques, Brits will be free to enjoy their holidays and make the most of every penny at their disposal.

The cost of travel

While the holidays will obviously still need to be funded, there has been plenty of publicity on how to drive costs down over recent years.

Holidaymakers are well-versed in sniffing out competitive travel deals and finding low-cost holidays, with the cost of living once you reach your destination often being the final piece of the holiday jigsaw.

Thanks to the renewed strength of the pound, tourists will no longer have to worry about scrimping and saving while on holiday, with a number of popular destinations topping the list when it comes to genuine value for money.

Cost-effective destinations

For those planning their upcoming holidays, Post Office’s Head of Travel Paul Havenhand said that the news meant glad tidings for New Year travellers as many January holiday hotspots became more financially viable than ever before.

“Sterling currently buys more holiday cash in all 10 of our January hotspots”, he explained before highlighting Cape Town and Bali as the current top picks.

Other areas where holidaymakers could find that their money stretches further include Red Sea Resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and the American playground of Orlando, Florida.

Other research into British travel habits in the New Year has suggested health-and-fitness breaks will rise in January as tourists look to rid themselves of the Christmas bulge and relax after a frantic festive season.

Home-grown holidays will undoubtedly be popular for any New Year travellers, but nearby European destinations are also expected to perform well with Spain, France and Italy all highlighted as notably strong candidates.

For those looking for a sun-kissed start to 2014, Spain is expected to have the best beaches once again. Sun worshippers are expected to head directly for the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands in 2014 with Portugal, Turkey and the Greek Islands more than adequate alternatives.

Here’s wishing a safe & Happy New Years to all from the team at Prepaid365.

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