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11 February 2014
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With half-term just around the corner, and with the weather in the UK far from ideal, it could be the perfect week to get away and enjoy an early break.

Snow, heavy rain and flooding are widespread so jetting off to sunnier or warmer shores could definitely be seen as a means of escape.

Alternatively, for lovers of the snow, many of the best resorts in Europe are still in the middle of ski-season, meaning you could take to the slopes as a means of getting away from it all.

Of course, the fundamental things to find are family resorts that are capable of meeting every need, but fortunately these are now more widespread than ever before.

So, exactly what options are available if you are considering an early 2014 getaway?

Family ski holidays

This is the best time of year for a family ski holiday, and many holiday destinations around the Alps will still have significant snow cover for some time yet.

The best thing to do if you’re considering a ski holiday is to check snow reports and weather forecasts before jetting off at the last minute – guaranteeing you’ll find a location with lots of snow.

The French and Austrian Alps provide idyllic settings for skiing, with many locations providing slopes for anyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

But the one downside to this type of holiday is that it probably won’t be cheap – therefore careful budgeting may be required before and during travel.

Winter sun

If sunnier climes are your preference, then a trip to Tenerife or Dubai is recommended as the chances of sun are dramatically enhanced.

While temperatures might not reach the highs that they would in the summer months, they will still be a significant improvement on those experienced in the UK at this time of year.

Alternatively, a slightly longer flight will open the options of places such as The Gambia where plenty of fantastic value beach holidays can be found.

Meanwhile, if you’re willing to go slightly further afield then the resorts of the Caribbean could represent the ideal half-term getaway.

Many of these resorts have excellent childcare facilities and are packed full of entertainment and attractions to keep the whole family entertained.

Something a little bit different

If you’re willing to try something a little different and bit further away, then a safari in southern Africa is an ideal getaway at this time of year.

Both Botswana and Tanzania offer the opportunity to see a wide range of wildlife in spectacular destinations around the Okavango Delta and the Serengeti National Park.

Alternatively, a trekking holiday around Morocco can provide fantastic weather, as well as a whole host of stunning historical sites and vibrant cultures.

Regardless of where you travel to during half-term, one thing to bear in mind is your finances.

If you’re keen to stay within your budget and ensure that you don’t spend too much on souvenirs, a prepaid travel card could be the best option.

You’ll be able to manage your spending as you can’t spend more than what’s on the card, while you can always top it up if necessary.

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