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28 February 2014
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Gambling is becoming a larger part of British society, with an estimated six million people choosing to do so online every single month.

But with this habit comes a danger, as credit card details are entered on various online sites, opening up the possibility of fraud.

In cases where credit cards are linked to bank accounts, fraudsters can access funds before the person is even aware that there is a problem.

That’s where a prepaid card can come in useful – not only is there a limit on the amount that can be spent on the card, but it’s also not directly linked to other bank accounts.

It means that if people do wish to gamble then they can do so, safe in the knowledge that their details remain sufficiently protected.

Gambling in a safe and controlled environment

Special prepaid gambling cards are designed to be used for making purchases on online gambling sites, as well as in other locations.

The only instances where these cards will not work are on some age restricted sites – usually because the card issuer has clients who are under the age of 18.

It’s important to check before getting a prepaid card that these restrictions are either removed or not in place.

Because of the fact that only the money that is on the card can be spent, it means the use of a prepaid card for gambling purposes ensures that the user doesn’t run the risk of falling into debt.

Not only does it limit what can be spent, but it also protects the user from risking money that is simply not there to risk.

Furthermore, the cards are not subjected to interest charges that can occur on some credit cards, making them a viable option for those who like a flutter on the races or roulette.

Options for businesses

Businesses can also consider these types of cards for their institutions, allowing customers to control what they gamble when using certain sites.

In many ways, using a prepaid card to gamble is very similar to using cash to do likewise – as once the money is no longer there, the gambling has to stop.

For customers who do wish to add more funds to a card, it can be easily topped up via text or online, provided that the funds are available to do so.

The major factor of using a prepaid card for such transactions is the excellent amount of control that is in place.

It means punters can still place their bets, while being completely safe in the knowledge that the potential for online fraud is severely limited.

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