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7 March 2014
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South Africa is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most spectacular destinations, and it’s ideal for someone looking to get away to somewhere different.

It is a country with spectacular beaches, amazing scenery and an extravagant range of some of the world’s most striking wildlife.

No other land like it

It is geographically diverse, with mountain, forest and desert regions, while there’s almost 3,000km of coastline to enjoy as well.

Wide mixes of cultures are found all over the country – shown by the fact that 11 different national languages are spoken in the region, while the unique history of the place can be seen at every turn.

The country received a further boost when it hosted the 2010 World Cup and that event only served to increase the sense of mystery surrounding Africa’s southernmost tip.

There are plenty of huge urban centres, all with their own unique feel, while the country is also renowned for delicious food dishes.

A land of exploration and adventure

Thanks to its unique blend of geography, South Africa is home to several stunning natural landmarks.

Table Mountain overlooks the hustle and bustle of Cape Town, while God’s Window is one of the most scenic locations in South Africa, forming part of the Panorama Route.

At the same time, the Kruger National Park – one of the largest Game reserves in Africa – is home to some of the globe’s largest and most feared wildlife, including lions, leopards and elephants.

In search of thrills

For those wanting to try something a little bit different, South Africa is also a fantastic destination to try out a few more extreme activities.

Those brave enough can paraglide off the mountains above the capital city Pretoria, seeing the wonders of the city on the way down.

There’s also the possibility of going shark diving off the coasts, providing the opportunity to see some of the sea’s most dangerous creatures up close.

Alternatively, there’s always the chance to experience blokarting, a unique blend of flying down a beach at speed in a small kart with a sail attached.

It may sound a bit scary, but it’s guaranteed to get the pulses racing.

Controlling finances

Using a prepaid card when travelling abroad is a great way of ensuring a holiday stays within budget regardless of where you are heading, as only money which is on the card can actually be spent.

Other funds can always be added to the card should people require it while they are away though.

There is also additional protection if the card should be misplaced, as funds can be transferred to a new card with the minimum of fuss.

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