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24 March 2014
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Easter is quickly approaching, a time of year when many people consider gifts for friends and relatives – but what are the alternatives to a traditional chocolate Easter egg?

Coming up with present ideas for any event is no easy task, which is why turning to a prepaid gift card could be a great idea.

The conundrum of which gift to choose suddenly disappears and the chances of an unhappy family member opening a present they didn’t want are reduced drastically!

If buying socks, chocolates and aftershave has occurred for as many birthdays, weddings and other events for as long as can be remembered, now there’s an alternative.

As far as Easter is concerned, it’s also possible to help out those desperately trying to get in shape for the summer – by removing the temptation of chocolate!

What are prepaid gift cards?

In essence, prepaid gift cards replace traditional gift vouchers that have been seen for many years in retail stores up and down the country.

They come in two formats – ones that can be used anywhere in any shop and others that can only be used in specific retailers.

Obviously the desired card type will depend largely on the person that will receive it, but it does provide an alternative for those who are otherwise short of gift ideas.

When it comes to finding prepaid gift cards, they can be purchased in many retail stores with preset amounts loaded onto them. It is also worth noting that they can be found online.

In the case of the latter, there are a vast number of cards available that provide plenty of choice, making them useful for people of any age.

In-store cards will be branded with the merchant involved, while security such as a PIN can be added if desired.

The benefits of a gift card

Those purchasing a gift card can load money onto it at the time of purchase, using a number of means from cash payment to debit, credit or bank transfers.

The amount on the card can then be spent at any participating retail outlet, proving the user with flexibility over when and how they choose to spend.

It offers a more secure way of paying than if vouchers or cash were to be used, while a record of purchase will also exist.

This means details such as account information and transaction histories can be accessed securely online using the details on the card.

Estimates suggest that gift cards can be used at more than 25 million locations across the globe, making a gift card a viable alternative to a present that could be returned, exchanged or even binned.

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