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15 April 2014
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Many businesses all over the globe are realising the benefits of having an extensive network of freelancers to provide work and guidance.

However, these workers still need to be paid for their services and international banking and transfer fees can make such assistance a costly process.

But it is still possible to get the full benefits of such assistance without the need to pay a premium for it – partly the reason why freelance networks continue to expand rapidly.

Outsourcing certain functions of a business is increasingly possible and it can often remove some of the more menial tasks that businesses are required to carry out.

Focusing on other areas of business

Aspects such as web design and programming, marketing, copywriting and translating can all easily be outsourced, while other online processes that require technical expertise can also be given to others.

This frees up time for business staff to concentrate on other parts of the business in order to drive sales and development.

But with such a large number of tasks being outsourced, there becomes a need to pay many different people on a constant basis.

In instances where freelancers are based in other countries, international charges can quickly add up so an alternative method is often considered.

Prepaid cards as an option

One such method is to use business prepaid cards, where freelancers can receive their funds quickly while then having the ability to spend on whatever they choose.

Prepaid cards can be used online, in stores or for withdrawing cash from ATM machines while a great deal of support options exist via phone and the internet.

Any payments to freelancers will be secure and the risks to business accounts in terms of fraud are kept to a minimum.

The method is also exceptionally useful for payments that are made to banks that are otherwise unaffiliated with the market in which a business is based.

Wide-ranging benefits

This is because transfer charges can be avoided and there is no need to pay any additional fees – essentially, the process is streamlined to offer a better experience for both a business and a worker.

A prepaid card can be used to manage business expenses and represents a far cheaper option than traditional methods of receipt-collecting.

Some cards carry fees to open accounts, but even in these cases the money saved in administration costs could present a significant saving.

The key point to note from managing expenses with a prepaid card is the potential to save both time and money – vital aspects of running a successful business.

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