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22 April 2014

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Some purchases need to be kept a secret for a number of different reasons and it isn’t always easy to do so.

For people who are not keen on certain purchases appearing on their bank statements, there is a solution for anonymous payments.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to keep a purchase secret, a prepaid card can help.

It’s also a great way of keeping a birthday present or a gift for practically any other event a secret until the time is right to unveil it.

Providing peace of mind

A prepaid card is also a great way of providing peace of mind for those concerned that other accounts could potentially be at risk in terms of fraudulent activity.

By using prepaid options, online spending remains entirely confidential and it’s easy to manage as well – only the money on the card can be spent at any one time.

It means the risk of getting a potentially embarrassing or revealing bank statement at the end of the month disappears, while accounts can be monitored online to ensure careful spending.

In terms of how they work, a prepaid card can be used in exactly the same way as a debit card and needs to be topped up before use.

Anonymous payments

As a result, any payments remain anonymous and people can rest assured that their secret gifts and spending habits remain only their concern.

Cards can be topped up at more than 30,000 locations across the UK using a credit or debit card. Cash and funds are also available as soon as they are loaded onto the card.

Such options promote and a safe and responsible online experience, while maintaining the privacy required for some more secretive purchases.

Another benefit is the ability to budget what is spent in any one go – for someone who finds it easy to indulge in online purchasing, they can limit the amount which is spent.

Managed spending in a secure way

Not only does this save funds for other aspects of life but it is a safe and secure method of payment, providing constant peace of mind.

Chip and PIN cards provide further security and can be used in shops, online and over the phone as well as at more than nine million ATMs.

Ukash Travel Money

For someone looking to take control of their money and keep their secret purchases away from the eyes of someone in particular, prepaid cards could be the answer.

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