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29 April 2014
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For people hunting for a bargain holiday this summer, they should not look beyond the glorious sunshine and stunning scenery on offer in Bulgaria.

New research from the Post Office has named the country as the cheapest holiday destination, the best value destination for holidaymakers.

Value is further boosted by the strong value of the pound, while more than half of the countries surveyed had seen local currencies dip in recent months.

If you’re still on the lookout for cheap holiday destinations for this summer, there are plenty of destinations that represent great value.

The cheapest options

Sunny Beach on the Black Sea coast currently offers the best option for a bargain break, since prices have fallen by an average of 16% on every day holiday items, including food, drink and sun cream.

Most notably, the cost of eating out in Sunny Beach dropped, meaning the cost of the ten staple items included in the survey was ultimately more than £10 cheaper than anywhere else.

Mainland Spain and the Algarve were also cheap options, while Serrento and Tuscany in Italy and the Spanish party island of Ibiza were considered to be the most expensive.

The Turkish resort of Marmaris is also a cheap option, as despite an increase of 13% in local prices, a 31% surge in the pound means it is 14% cheaper than last summer.

Meanwhile in the Eurozone, the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca represent the best value, while mainland Spain remains the most popular destination for British holidaymakers.

Taking advantage of the strength of the pound

The strength of the pound means most of the locations represent better value than they did a year ago, meaning it’s possible to get more for every pound.

Picking destinations where prices have fallen furthest represents the best opportunities of stretching funds to an even greater extent.

Healthy competition in these popular destinations can also drive down prices, opening up opportunities to save on essentials – meaning more cash is available for souvenirs and special trips.

Managing spending

Travelling with a prepaid travel card can provide money to spend without the need to carry lots of travellers’ cheques or foreign currency.

With a prepaid card you can only spend the amount which is on it at any given time, making budget management possible, although it can be topped up if you so wish.

Additional security exists on these cards, while the exchange rate seen will be the one when the original transaction took place – providing protection should the exchange rate vary dramatically during a trip.


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