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15 May 2014

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With just under a month to go until the big kick-off in Brazil this summer, many people will already be considering where to watch the big games.

While pubs and sports bars may be popular choices, hosting the games among friends and family could be a much cheaper option.

Not only does this provide an opportunity to be sociable, but it also means you can enjoy the World Cup from inside the comfort of your own home.

Deciding on where to watch games

With 64 games to enjoy – should you not wish to miss a second of the action – working out where to watch them could be an issue.

Fans in the UK will see games kicking-off at 5pm, 8pm and 11pm; although the odd match will start at 2am, meaning most occur outside of traditional working hours.

Don’t miss the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi on the biggest stage of all by planning ahead – doing so will probably also mean that you save in the long run.

Pubs and bars across the country will show the vast majority of games, while many have late licences in order to screen the late kick-offs.

Alternatively, all the world cup matches are on a list of programming that is protected in the interests of national sporting interest – meaning all games are on free-to-air TV to be enjoyed in the home.

It means taking out additional subscriptions or using pay-per-view services is not required, as the BBC and ITV will show all games in the tournament – unlike Barclays Premier League, for example.

Taking the party to the great outdoors

On the assumption that the weather in the UK holds up – something that is by no means guaranteed – then having a outdoor barbeque alongside the football could be an option.

Buying this type of food can often be cheap if it is brought in bulk, while you could always ask your friends to bring their own food to cook, should you want to save even more.

Meanwhile, many supermarkets will host various promotions throughout the tournament, on all things from snacks and party food to alcohol and soft drinks.

It’s therefore important to hunt around if you’re interested in finding a bargain, as some places will undoubtedly be cheaper than others.

Controlling your spending

If you’re looking to ensure that you don’t overspend when hosting guests, using a prepaid card to manage your finances would solve this issue.

Only the funds on the card can be spent, although it can be topped up easily if required and online checking is also possible with most cards.

A prepaid card can also be replaced if it is lost or stolen without the funds being affected, leaving you free to sit down and enjoy the weather (hopefully) and the top-quality football on offer.

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