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3 June 2014
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For those of you still on the lookout for a summer holiday destination, the American West Coast could spell the end of your search.

From miles of sandy beaches and warm weather, to the metropolis cities of San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, there is plenty to see and do.

California is renowned for its warm climes and stunning scenery, as well as a coast line that is ideal for surfing and other sailing activities.

But beyond that, what do the region’s three main cities have to offer as a potential holiday destination?

San Francisco

The populous city in northern California is popular with tourists of all ages thanks to its landmarks, including the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge.

Elsewhere the former prison on Alcatraz Island and the city’s bustling Chinatown distract are also incredibly popular places to visit.

The city features a wide mix of cultures and these can be seen by walking many of the hilly streets while a number of shopping areas provide plenty of opportunities to pick up some souvenirs.

Meanwhile San Francisco zoo is home to a wide range of the world’s creatures and the city’s Museum of Modern Art can capture the imagination.

San Diego

In the south of California lies San Diego, with glorious golden beaches and ideal surf conditions as well as hundreds of wide open spaces throughout the city itself.

Perhaps one of San Diego’s most famous attractions is its zoo – arguably one of the very best in the world and home to more than 4,000 animals.

If that’s not enough, then San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park features more than 3,000 animals that are allowed to roam free across a 2,200 acre nature reserve.

The city is certainly more compact that LA, making it a lot easier to get around, while its warm climate is found in very few other locations in the US.

USS Midway lies in port as a museum in San Diego, while Seaworld offers the opportunity to swim with Dolphins.

If that’s not enough, Legoland is a short drive from downtown San Diego, providing children and adults alike with plenty of entertainment.

Los Angeles

More than 80 districts comprise Los Angeles as the urban spread of the city covers an incredible area – home to a number of incredible landmarks.

Many of America’s creative industries are based around LA, while the world of Hollywood movies is also found in the city.

Due to its size, LA is home a mass of shopping malls, museums and attractions, meaning visitors will never be short of something to do.

Disneyland is also found in the area and has the attractions to keep the whole family entertained for days on end.

Funding a trip to the West Coast

Travelling with a prepaid travel card can provide money to spend without the need to carry lots of travellers’ cheques or foreign currency.

With a prepaid card you can only spend the amount which is on it at any given time, making budget management possible, although it can be topped up if you so wish.

Additional security exists on these cards, while the exchange rate seen will be the one when the original transaction took place – providing protection should the exchange rate vary dramatically during a trip.

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