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24 June 2014
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While the World Cup in Brazil is underway and hogging the headlines across the globe, there’s also a mass of wilderness to explore.

Beyond the rainforests of Brazil lie a number of ancient ruins that serve as a reminder of past civilizations and a mass of geographical landmarks that are simply too good to miss.

Remote islands such as the Galapagos are home to a wide range of different species of plant, birds and animals, while Easter Island is steeped in both history and mystery.

The options in South America are vast – from being based in one of the many metropolis cities to backpacking along trails high up in the mountains.

Plenty of options

It’s a region where there really is something for everybody, from stunning beaches and scenery to bustling cities full of many different cultures.

Chile and Argentina are also home to some ski destinations for those looking for a skiing experience away from the more popular destinations in Europe and North America.

The ruins of Machu Picchu, one of the world’s top tourist attractions are deep in the heart of Peru and the 15th century Inca site is a brilliant reminder of the history of the continent.

The Bolivian Salt Flats are also a wonder to behold, while the spectacular Angel Falls in Venezuela are also a popular destination for visitors wanting to see the natural world in all its glory.

But there is also plenty to see beyond the popular destinations, with most of South America providing many opportunities to explore.

The World Cup has attracted a great deal of attention to South America, but the scenes from Brazil barely scratch the surface of what is a truly spectacular part of the world.

Funding travels

Funding a trip to South America will require a wide variation of currencies depending on where people intend to visit, so planning in advance is essential.

For those looking to limit spending, a prepaid card could be an option for managing funds, although its use may be limited in more far-flung destinations.

Such a card can, however, be used for withdrawing funds while abroad and it reduces the need to carry large sums of currency or travellers’ cheques.

Exchange rates will also be locked at the time of purchase, meaning good rates will be available when using the card for purchases.

While only the funds on the card can be spent – essential to avoiding any overspend – a prepaid travel card can also be topped up if necessary.

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