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2 July 2014
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Once the British Grand Prix is completed at the start of July, Formula 1 shifts its focus to European shores, visiting Germany and then Hungary.

Both circuits have been known to throw up surprises in the past, although Mercedes pairing Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will be hoping to cement their positions at the top of the leaderboard.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the pair has won seven of eight races between them – with Hamilton claiming glory on four occasions.

However, it was Rosberg that was victorious last time out in Austria, leaving the German 29 points ahead of his teammate in the driver standings.

The Constructors Championship is already virtually won, as Mercedes have accumulated more than twice the number of points of nearest rivals Red Bull Racing to date.


The Germany Grand Prix on July 20 will take place in Hockenheim at the Hockenheimring, which weaves its way through the forest in the Rhine Valley.

The circuit, alongside the Nurburgring, hosts the German GP on a biannual basis, with German Sebastian Vettel topping the podium last time out.

A mix of long straights and sharp turns pose a challenge for drivers, meaning top quality racing is possible for all of the 120,000 or so fans that can pack the stands on race day.

Vettel and his compatriot Michael Schumacher have both experienced success in Hockenheim, providing plenty to shout about for the local population.

For fans visiting Hockenheim, a motorsport museum is not far from the circuit while the town itself – a settlement since Roman times – is steeped in history and architecture.


Just a week after the completion of the German Grand Prix and attention will turn to Hungary as the drivers pit their wits against the Hungaroring.

The narrow, twisty circuit in Mogyorod, near Budapest, was the first to be opened behind the Iron Curtain in the mid-1980s and has hosted regular GP racing since.

Hamilton claimed victory in Hungary last year to go equal with Schumacher with four wins apiece at the track, although the Brit will fancy his chances of taking the record for himself this time around.

Intriguingly, six of the last eight races in Hungary have been won by British drivers, with Jenson Button winning twice to go alongside Hamilton’s impressive tally of triumphs.

Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill also tasted victory at the Hungaroring during their time in racing, making the circuit a popular one for British drivers and fans alike.

Mogyorod is roughly 18km from Budapest, meaning fans can easily travel to the ancient city on the banks of the Danube if they so wish.

Funding a trip to Germany or Hungary

For any racing fans keen to see a British winner, financing a trip to the Grand Prix will require some careful consideration.

The pound is currently very strong against the Euro, but managing finances while abroad remains important – which is why a prepaid travel card could be considered.

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