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23 July 2014
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The pound to euro exchange rate remains strong, making Europe, like many other destinations, a very popular choice for a summer getaway this year.

For somewhere that really has everything, those looking for a destination for this summer should look no further than Italy – stunning architecture, historical beauty, beautiful weather and of course, fabulous food.

Italy is full of things to see and do and that’s what makes it such a fantastic place to visit.

Why visit Italy?

When most people think of Italy they think of pizza, pasta, Venetian gondolas and the Romans – those things are, after all, what helped to put Italy on the map.

But there is plenty more to the country based in the central Mediterranean – with stunning geographical features found from the volcanic peaks of Mt Etna and Mt Vesuvius in the south to the Alps in the very north.

Dotted among the spectacular mountains, hills and rolling countryside are many large cities, brimming with culture and art.

From the shopping stores of Turin and Milan – home to some of the world’s best designers – to the canals of Venice, the north of the country is the world’s wealthiest.

All roads lead to Rome

Further south, the capital city of Rome boasts many features that are known across the world – a place to see ancient architecture at its very best.

The Colloseum is one of the many attractions from the time of the Romans, and still towers over the surrounding area, showcasing the extraordinary skills possessed by architects at the time.

St Peter’s Square and the Vatican are other popular areas to visit, but in truth there is simply too much to do in Rome to list it all here.

It’s a city that requires plenty of exploration as something is hidden around virtually every corner.

Endless opportunities

Beyond the capital, the ruins of Pompeii, buried under volcanic ash in Roman times, offer a unique insight into ancient life while also providing a stark reminder of the powers of the natural world.

Tuscany offers an idyllic view of vineyards and olive trees, while the Amalfi coast is widely regarded as somewhere that everyone should visit at least once.

Italy is full of wonderful options and it is for this reason that it is an incredibly popular tourist destination – one which is more affordably in the current climate thanks to the strength of the pound.

Financing an Italian trip

Using a prepaid card when travelling abroad is a great way of ensuring a holiday stays within budget regardless of where you are heading, as only money on the card can be spent.

Other funds can always be added to the card should people require it while they are away though.

There is also additional protection if the card should be misplaced, as funds can be transferred to a new card with the minimum of fuss.

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