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4 August 2014
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Current exchange rates between the pound and a number of other International currencies are at record highs, ideal for those travelling this summer.

In the last year, the pound has strengthened by around 9% against the euro, and 12% against the US dollar – but it is against Turkish lira where an incredible increase has been noted.

The pound is up by a massive 24% against the Turkish currency, meaning visitors to the confluence of Europe and the Middle East can get even more for their money this summer.

British Nationals will need a visa prior to travelling and these can be found and paid for online in a similar fashion to visa requirements for other countries.

What Turkey has to offer

While the Eastern part of the country carries several government warnings for threats of possible violence, the Western part of the country is incredibly popular among British tourists.

The country is a mix of exotic and contemporary and is much more than a “bridge between east and west”.

Turkey’s history is one of constant invasion and change and that has created a society where all types of people and religions co-exist.

Spectacular mosques can be found just yards from churches while Roman theatres and ancient temples can be found within walking distance of other ancient Hittite cities.

Something for everyone

For those interested in history and culture, Turkey has something for everyone and provides plenty of attractions that can both amaze and astound.

The archeological sites form a blend of ancient and medieval history, from hilltop fortresses to castles and other monuments.

Beyond the history are many cities and towns with bazaars selling all types of goods, despite the growth of consumerism and large shopping malls.

Inland Turkey is a wilderness of mountains, steppes, lakes and forests just waiting to be discovered, while beautiful beaches can be found along much of the coast.

Istanbul, one of the most popular destinations among tourists, also has a wide mix of things to see and do – one of many factors which explain why it was named European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Opportunities to remember the past

With 2014 also marking the centenary of the start of the First World War, the cemeteries and memorials at Gallipoli are also worth a visit.

The legacy of one of the fiercest campaigns in the war – fought in 1915 – is highlighted in a very moving and reflective way.

A number of events and remembrance services are planned for the coming years, although these may require tickets and should be planned well in advance.

Funding a trip to Turkey

Prepaid card options where funds can be uploaded prior to travelling could provide one way of budgeting for a holiday.

The cards can then be used to withdraw money from ATMs and to pay for goods and services while there is no chance of racking up debt as only funds on the card can be spent.

Funds can be topped up if necessary while exchange rates will be those taken at the time of adding money – ideal in situations like the current one where rates are strong.

Prepaid travel cards are also not linked directly to any bank accounts, increasing security and making fraudulent activity more difficult.

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