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11 September 2014
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The end of September and start of October represent two very important days in the Formula 1 calendar – the time when the racing event visits Singapore and Japan.

On its journey around the globe, the Grand Pix season offers plenty of excitement and drama, and this is certainly the case in the Far East.

First up is a visit to Singapore for racing on 21 September, before the race teams switch focus to Japan two weeks later.

With the next race on the horizon, the battle between drivers is hotting up, with the Mercedes pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg still going head to head.

The Brit claimed a sixth GP win of the season in Italy, but his teammate remains 22 points clear at the top of the driver standings.

Interestingly, only three drivers have claimed GP victories so far this season, with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo the only other driver to have stood on top of the podium so far.

However, that could all change in Singapore, as Red Bull team mate Sebastian Vettel will be aiming to make it four wins on the spin around the Marina Bay Street Circuit.


Back in 2008, Singapore hosted the first night-time event in Formula 1 history on a street circuit and it proved so successful it is now a regular part of the racing calendar.

The racing is done against the spectacular backdrop of the city’s famous skyline, while powerful lighting recreates daylight conditions for the racers.

Around 80,000 fans can be packed around the circuit, providing a unique racing experience that is found in many other locations.

Visitors to Singapore can also enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, encompassing many different clubs, bars and dining venues.

There is plenty to do during the day too, with the opportunity to get up close to natural wildlife found at Singapore Zoo, Underwater World and a number of nature and wetland reserves.


Racing moves to the Suzuka race circuit in Japan for the first weekend in October – a track that provides a massive test for cars and their drivers.

The figure-of-eight circuit features some of Formula 1’s most challenging corners, while it is unique in the sense that the track crosses over itself – the only circuit to do so.

The Suzuka Circuit is 50km south west of Nagoya and is very much a self-contained facility which hosts a theme park, gyms, golf courses, hotels and restaurants.

For that reason, many fans can stay in the region for their visit; alternatively the surrounding towns of Yokkaichi, Tsi or Shiroko will showcase the best of what Japan has to offer.

Funding a trip to the Formula 1 circuits

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Other funds can always be added to the card should people require it while they are away though.

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