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17 September 2014

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Online gambling has really taken off in the past few years, with many of the major bookmakers now offering various online services to meet an ever growing demand.

Around six million people now visit sites every single month, seemingly giving little consideration to who they share their credit or debit card details with when online.

When these cards are linked back to their personal accounts, the risk of fraud to these individuals is dramatically increased.

However, this threat can be greatly reduced with the use of a prepaid gaming and gambling card as it is not linked directly to a bank account.

Enhancing customer safety and security

On top of that, most prepaid cards can be used for purchases on many gaming and gambling websites, leaving punters free to bet, but in a much safer way.

Some cards do have restricted usage though,  as they have cardholders who are not old enough to gamble so checking with websites and card providers is required to guarantee that they can be used.

The main factor why a prepaid card is ideal for managing gambling habits is that only the amount on it can be spent –great for budgeting.

It’s also impossible to get into debt as there is no credit function on the card, unlike a credit card where costs could spiral quickly if left unchecked.

As a result, it’s possible to play games online and place bets, safe in the knowledge that only what you can afford is being spent.

Why consider an online gaming prepaid card?

Using a prepaid card is a useful way to ensure that excessive spending on sports betting or online sites does not occur.

Keeping money secure for essentials in life such as food and rent can be placed into another account, leaving the prepaid card for gaming funds.

This ensures that all other bills are covered before any gaming or gambling occurs while the risk of fraud is reduced.

Payouts can also be made instantly on to a card, meaning any winnings are available to spend however anyone sees fit.

Providing a number of options

Cards can also be topped up at a number of different locations, as well as via the internet or via text message.

Managing an account in this way also ensures that embarrassing bank statements do not turn up, meaning spending habits do not need to be widely known.

For individuals with particular concerns over their online security, additional chip and PIN measures can also be found on some cards.

This gives a further level of protection when the cards are used for purchases online or in retail outlets.

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