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25 September 2014

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Deciding upon a holiday destination that makes the entire family happy can often be a tricky task, but it seems Brits are exploring more avenues than ever to find their holiday hot spots.

New research from ABTA has revealed the many different sources that holidaymakers consider when searching for inspiration.

A multi-channel approach is now being used, with internet search engines and review sites appearing alongside more traditional methods of using travel agents and brochures.

Popular sources of information

Internet search engines were used in 41% of cases for inspiration, while holiday brochures supplied ideas to 36% of people.

Family recommendations accounted for 34%, while 27% of people said they used online review sites to find out more information.

Newspaper and magazine articles that appear both on and offline were used by 22% of people to get ideas, showcasing the many different approaches used to find the most ideal situation.

The same five sources were also used when looking for general practical information relating to destinations, such as transport links, amenities and nearby attractions.

Holidays are often one of the largest purchases made in a year, which is probably why so much time is used to decide on where to go.

Personal interaction important for younger people

Younger consumers tend to rely on the help of travel professionals before they make informed decisions, although travel company websites did not feature near the top of the lists.

This personal interaction is key, with those aged between 16 and 24 keen to use recommendations from friends and family as well as social media for inspiration.

The same sources were also viewed as those most likely to provide practical information that could be used when on holiday.

Older age groups were more likely to source information themselves, while using social media was especially prevalent among younger people who were twice as likely to use it.

At the same time, younger people were also more likely to use guide books, showing that they are not entirely limited to digital sources of information.

Considering finances for the holiday

Once holidays are booked, the other aspect to consider is finances for other countries – while taking plenty of cash is one option, there are alternatives.

A prepaid travel card could be loaded up with funds prior to travel and then used to either withdraw funds or to make purchases.

These types of card are great for managing finances and the lack of a credit facility means racking up debt is not possible – only the funds on a card can be spent.

They can be loaded up with additional funds and prevent any nasty surprises when opening bank statements upon returning from a trip.

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