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8 December 2014

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Three in ten people will travel overseas for a skiing or snowboarding trip this winter without the necessary holiday insurance cover.

This puts them at massive risk of huge medical bills should they have an accident or get injured out on the slopes.

Given that more than one million Brits are set to go skiing this winter, it means hundreds of thousands of people could be taking unnecessary risks.

The research comes from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which is warning skiers to stay protected.

Those most at risk

People under 35 are most at risk as 32% of this age group are unlikely to take out travel insurance when going on a winter sports holiday.

Generally speaking, the younger age groups are those who are less likely to have insurance cover as one in five of 16-24 year olds and a quarter of 25-34 year olds see it as unnecessary.

This is because they assume that the UK Government will pay for their treatment overseas, although in reality this is far from the truth.

Similarly, 25% of 16-24 year olds and 23% of 25-34 year olds believe they do not need cover as long as they have a European Health Insurance Card. While these cards are useful, they do not cover all aspects of an emergency, including any assistance that might be needed out on the slopes from an Alpine rescue team.

A rising number of sports holidays

More people are considering a sports holiday this winter than in the past, with 18% of those travelling at this time of year opting for such a break.

This compares with just 10% in 2012 and ABTA is keen to ensure that both new and veteran skiers are fully covered just in case something goes wrong.

People that have no skied for a long period of time are also expected to return to the slopes in high numbers this year and are encouraged to check that past policies remain up to date.

Other types of trip

Winter wonderland breaks can also be popular during the festive season when people are keen to get into the spirit of Christmas.

However, these trips can often include sleigh rides, snowmobiling and ice fishing – all activities that are not usually included in a regular insurance policy.

Therefore it’s vital to check in advance to ensure that adequate cover is in place so that those travelling can enjoy the Christmassy settings without any risks attached.

Costs and finances

While paying extra for insurance may increase the total holiday spend, it is always better to be safe and prepared.

Opting for a prepaid travel card to cover finances on a trip could help cover some of the costs of an insurance policy with potential savings.

This is because the exchange rate at the point that the card is loaded is used, meaning travellers can benefit should a sudden change in exchange rate occur.

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