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12 December 2014
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New Year is a time of celebration across the globe, as millions of people say goodbye to one year and welcome in another.

The UK is renowned for celebrating in style but there are plenty of other countries around the world who also like to mark the occasion.

So, if you are considering welcoming in 2015 from warmer climes or just fancy a change of scenery, where are some of the best places to go?

Reykjavik, Iceland

Icelanders love to celebrate and what makes New Year more amazing in the capital city is that nothing is officially organised.

Instead, around 200,000 of the city’s inhabitants launch fireworks in the run-up to midnight, putting on a spectacular display before partying on into the night. Visitors can then head to the hot springs for a rehydrating soak and a chance to recover the following day.

Sydney, Australia

If you’re keen to beat everyone else to celebrating the end of 2014, then Sydney is the place to go as it’s the first major city to see in the New Year.

More than one million people pack the waterfront, with celebrations lasting all day and all night while fireworks around the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are a sight to behold. There are plenty of other attractions in the city to keep you busy before and after the big event and, as it’s the height of the Australian summer, good weather is virtually guaranteed.

Berlin, Germany

The world renowned party city sees more than one million people packed onto the ‘party mile’ that extends from the Brandenburg Gate.

Lined with music stages and food and drinks tends, there is something for everyone to enjoy before fireworks light up the sky as the clock ticks 12. Then it’s time to visit one of Berlin’s many dance clubs to party the evening away and for those with the stamina there’s the free 4km New Year’s Run the next day (not for the faint hearted).

Las Vegas

The city’s main strip is closed to traffic from an early point on New Year’s Eve and that’s when the party really begins.

Fireworks go off from several rooftops to mark midnight and there are stunning views from virtually everywhere. Partying continues well into the early hours and Sin City is full of entertainment for those wanting to prolong their celebrations.

New York

The tradition of lowering a sparkly sphere in Time Square has existed for more than a century and the vent often sees performances from some of the world’s leading musical talents.

People pack the streets between 42nd street and 47th street, with many getting there extra early to ensure they have a spot. When the ball starts to drop at a minute to midnight, the city erupts in celebration before partying on long into the night.

Managing your New Year costs

Ukash Travel Money

Of course, travelling across the world for New Year celebrations will come at a cost but if you budget sensibly then it could help get 2015 off to a good financial start. Using a prepaid travel card can ensure you get the best exchange rates and don’t spend more than you would like while ringing in the New Year.

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