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8 July 2009
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The Caxton FX prepaid card team announced this morning that ATM charges on their USD and EURO prepaid cards have been dropped and no ATM fee will be payable on withdrawals at cashpoints across the globe outside the UK.

The Caxton FX prepaid card is already reccongnised and lauded as one of the best travel money prepaid card propositions in the market and this initiative just delivers even better value to consumers looking to use a prepaid card as their payment vehicle whilst travelling abroad.

Some of the main reasons for getting a Caxton FX prepaid card are as follows

  1. Free Card.
  2. Euro, USD and GBP card options available.
  3. Excellent FX rate as shown by our comparison table below.
  4. No ATM fees for the USD or EURO prepaid cards.
  5. Excellent Cardholder Discounts

ATM Charges dropped on Caxton FX

Note: FX Rates as published on 08.07.09

The Caxton FX prepaid card is available to purchase online at Caxton FX Website. You can read the full Caxton FX prepaid card Review at Prepaid365.

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