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22 September 2011

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Prepaid365, one of the UK’s leading prepaid card comparison sites and the organiser of the annual Prepaid365 prepaid awards, recently launched enhanced business listings channel for prepaid card providers and brand new prepaid supplier directory.

Established in 2008, Prepaid365 is widely regarded as the UK’s leading consumer comparison site for prepaid credit cards and provides a comprehensive FAQ section dealing with all things prepaid. The portal has been lauded by senior industry experts as “the most informative and useful website seen for our industry” and “a mandatory bookmarked site” for everyone in our industry.

Amit Sharma, CEO of Prepaid365 commented “Prepaid365 is a consumer comparison portal and will continue to stay true to its core values of providing honest, independent and unbiased prepaid card comparisons and reviews to customers who are looking to purchase prepaid credit cards – whether they are prepaid Mastercard, Visa prepaid cards or non-scheme branded prepaid cards. However, over the last 2 years, we have played a significant role in providing a platform for organisations and individuals looking to launch prepaid card programmes to meet with prepaid card providers and prepaid stakeholders and we wanted to enhance our role even further with the creation of the business listings”

The new Prepaid365 Business Listing channels have been developed along the following lines

  • Small Card Orders Section: Listing of Prepaid Providers who considerable experience in working with smaller orders under 10,000 cards. These are ideal for providers looking to target 100’s of small companies who wish to test the market with small volumes. Each provider has also been provided a dedicated page on which they can provide details of their capabilities, case studies, contact details, etc.
  • Standard Orders Section: Listing of Prepaid Providers for Large Businesses, Governments and Multinationals. These are providers who have shown considerable experience in delivering large card programmes over 10,000 cards. Each provider has also been provided a dedicated page on which they can provide details of capabilities, case studies, contact details, etc.
  • Prepaid Supplier Directory listing of Prepaid Stakeholders and Service Providers: This is open to all prepaid card providers, programme managers, processors, issuers, insurance providers, risk management service providers, marketing and finance firms and all prepaid stakeholders. This provides an opportunity to prepaid card stakeholders to provide a brief snapshot of their business.

Divya Sharma, Marketing and PR Director at prepaid marketing consultancy Emotion Associates also added “We have now decided to further this through the creation of our Large Business and Small Business prepaid provider listings which highlight 3-4 recommended providers who have shown considerable experience in working with large and small businesses respectively to help launch prepaid card programmes. We have also launched the prepaid supplier directory which provides an opportunity to all prepaid stakeholders to list the services they provide to the prepaid industry and includes prepaid programme managers, issuers, processors, marketing services firms, card manufacturers, logistics and distribution companies as well as risk, finance and legal firms. The idea is simply to assist prepaid businesses to get in touch with the suppliers serve the prepaid industry.”

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