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21 July 2014

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UK consumers are increasingly looking for time-efficient ways to make their everyday and occasional purchases. Now new research has revealed that mobile devices have become the shopping method of choice for just under half (46%) of consumers.

The findings come as part of the UK Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, conducted by location ad platform xAd and technology research firm Telmetrics, which also showed that mobile devices have become an exclusive research tool for one in four (25%) consumers.

Questioning 2,000 UK Smartphone and tablet users, the study found that the majority of mobile activity took place at the start of consumers’ purchasing journey (56%), while 31% of mobile shoppers also visited a store while conducting their research.

Shoppers keen to make mobile purchases quickly

Further findings from the research showed that mobile shoppers are keen to complete their purchases as quickly as possible. While 50% were keen to get to the checkout with 24 hours, 30% wanted an even speedier purchasing window of an hour.

Mobile shoppers also appeared open to influence when it came to their purchasing decisions, with less than 20% heading on their mobile shopping spree with a particular purchase in mind.

Commenting on the study’s findings, Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics, said: “Our study confirms that mobile is a powerful part of today’s consumer purchase process and underlines the growing opportunity for advertisers to reach this ready to buy audience.”

“Advertisers that capture mobile metrics can improve their understanding of how shoppers interact with mobile devices throughout the buying cycle and empower their ad programmes to reach consumers when they are most open to influence.”

Monica Ho, SVP of marketing at xAd, added: “As the mobile user experience continues to improve, consumers are turning to the convenience of their mobile devices more frequently.”

A payment method ideally suited to online shopping

Those shoppers who prefer to make their purchases online, rather than in-store, may want to consider a prepaid online card.

Accepted at more than 30 million merchants worldwide that accept Mastercard/VISA, a prepaid online card enables those without a bank account or who may have a poor credit history to access online deals from major retailers.

Prepaid online cards can be topped up online at anytime, and because shoppers can only spend what’s on their card, it could also help shoppers to manage their finances more effectively.

Ukash Travel Money

Security features including Chip & PIN and the fact that prepaid cards aren’t linked to bank account details can also help to guard against online fraud.

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