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30 October 2014

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As bank and credit card statements come in from Summer breaks, one holidaymaker breathes a sigh of relief

The last month has probably already brought some summer holidaymakers back to earth with a bump as bank and credit card statements highlight additional charges for currency conversions and ATM withdrawals. But one UK holidaymaker who managed to avoid this pain was Michelle Whelan. Michelle signed up to the Ukash Travel Money Prepaid Mastercard® card earlier this year and reaped the rewards after a trip to Spain.

“Being able to load my holiday spending budget onto the card before I left was fantastic, and guaranteed that I wouldn’t return home to a bank statement showing lots of currency exchange and ATM charges”, explained Michelle.  “In the past I’ve taken my debit card on holiday but I decided to try the Ukash Travel Card on a friend’s recommendation. I initially put 2,000 euros onto the card – the website was straightforward and the card arrived promptly.

“Once in Spain I found that I could use the card practically everywhere; supermarkets, shops, restaurants. It was easy to use for all kinds of expenses and accessible for debit payments as well as at ATMs, giving me maximum flexibility. It was also a weight off my mind knowing that if the card was lost or stolen, which is always more of a worry when you’re on holiday, there was only a finite amount of money that could be taken.”

With the latest research* from Ukash revealing that 1 in 3 Brits are left shocked after opening their post-holiday bank statement, the leading payments innovator is reminding holidaymakers that the Ukash Travel Money Prepaid Mastercard® card makes maintaining tight control over holiday money simple, and also helps to avoid nasty surprises later down the line.

58% of British holidaymakers use their debit card for payments on holiday, with 39% of them not taking the time to check the potential charges they might incur, leaving themselves susceptible to nasty shocks. The Ukash Travel Money Card offers unbeatable rates and no charges for sign-ups, providing the ideal solution for Brits that want to make the most of their spending abroad.

The Ukash Travel Money card can be ordered online in minutes and will be delivered in up to ten working days without the need for any credit checks.   The card can be topped up online instantly using a debit card – even while travelling – and cardholders can check their balance and transactions and top up their card at any time online or via SMS completely free of charge.  Plus any money left on the card can be used for the next trip rather than worrying about often costly conversion back to sterling.

“My job involves a lot of travelling, especially around Europe, plus we have extended family in Ireland that we visit regularly, so managing my travel money effectively is an important aspect of my professional and family life,” concluded Michelle. “With that in mind, I’m really impressed with the Ukash Travel Money Card. It’s now firmly part of my wallet and will be used for all overseas trips in Europe.  I will certainly be using it again and recommending it to colleagues and friends.”

The Ukash Travel Money Mastercard:  The Facts

  • No fees on purchases
  • Free ATM Withdrawals
  • No monthly fee
  • Available in Euro and US Dollar
  • Use as over 34 million outlets that show the Mastercard Acceptance Mark

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