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28 November 2014

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More than 12 million Brits are set to take winter holidays in the coming months, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has revealed.

A similar number are also said to be considering their holiday plans so the figure could still rise further.

From short trips to other parts of the UK to long haul flights to the other side of the world, there are plenty of options available for a winter getaway.

The most popular options

An escape to warmer climes for some winter sun was the most popular travel option, with 43% of people planning this type of trip.

City breaks – which overtook beach holidays to become the most popular summer destinations earlier in the year – took second spot for winter getaways, with 35% opting for this option.

A further 18% of people are planning a winter sports holiday and are set to don skis and snowboards in the months ahead.

This figure has increased from 2012 as better economic conditions lend themselves to more lavish ski holidays for those that used to ski regularly in the past.

Those aged between 25 and 34 were most likely to take a winter break, with 27% admitting they were likely to travel this winter.

Winter breaks were also popular among the over 65s, with 24% of them planning a trip, although these will likely occur at off-peak times.

In search of some sun

Popular destinations include the Canary Islands, Tunisia and Morocco, Antigua, The Maldives, Mexico and Thailand – all places with significant flight times from the UK.

However, these long haul destinations offer the best chance of warm weather and sunshine so it is worth the trip for those wanting to escape the cold back home.

Many city breaks were found to coincide with famous Christmas markets, with Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris and Vienna particularly popular in Europe.

London, Manchester and Birmingham were also popular for people fancying a getaway without the need to leave the UK.

Escaping to the slopes

Winter sports destinations were mostly in the alpine regions of France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria although emerging destinations in Poland, Slovenia and Bulgaria were also popular.

Those aged 16 to 24 were most likely to embark on this kind of trip, with 39% of those skiing or snowboarding coming from this age group.

Some 23% of the population remain undecided about whether to travel too, although good exchange rates could open up opportunities during the festive season.

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