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5 November 2014

Nearly Two Thirds Of Holidaymakers Use Debit Cards Abroad – A Third Don’t Check Charges

According to a new report on debit and credit card spending abroad, spending on debit cards is worse than spending on credit cards.  Responding to this new investigation, leading payments innovator, Ukash, which this year launched the Travel Money Prepaid Mastercard® card, reveals the findings of its own research into the spending behaviours of Brits […]

17 July 2014

Over 50s Embracing Modern Payment Methods

Over 50s are leading the way when it comes to embracing modern payment methods, according to the latest figures. Research conducted by Saga Personal Finance shows that while 60% of over 50s regularly pay by credit card, this figure is a lower 38% for 18-49 year olds. Over 50s are also waving goodbye to their […]

13 February 2014

Prepaid Solutions for that Online Shopping Obsession!

Given that most retailers and businesses have transferred their businesses to an online platform, it is now easier than ever to purchase goods online. From groceries and everyday items to high-end luxury goods such as TVs and fridge-freezers, it appears that you can now buy virtually anything on the net. While there are undoubtedly many […]

1 May 2010

Differences Between Prepaid Cards, Debit and Credit Cards

Well, they are really the same except that in the case of a prepaid card, you need to load money onto the card before you can start spending and there is no credit. No rocket science involved there. Prepaid cards work just like a normal debit or credit card, with the exception that all transactions […]

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