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8 July 2014

Pound Euro Exchange Rate at 21 Month High

Holidaymakers and anyone else jetting off to Europe this summer can currently enjoy record exchange rates. The pound is at a 21-month high against the Euro, meaning it’s possible to get more for your money before setting off on any European adventures. Key to the current market exchange rate is the differing approaches taken by […]

24 February 2014

Take Advantage of a Stronger Pound – an Easter Getaway Beckons!

The strengthening of the pound against several other major currencies suggests that the time could be right to consider an Easter getaway. Half term is barely over but many families – and school children especially – will already be looking forward to the next opportunity for some time off. This is reflected by figures from […]

3 February 2014
Travel Guides

The Falling Peso: The Perfect Time to Visit Argentina?

People visiting Argentina can get even more for their cash in the current financial climate, after the national currency – the Peso – went into freefall. It declined in value by 17% across two days, leading to a lowering of prices across the country while the black market for US dollars is currently booming. Additional […]

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