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9 February 2011

Word of Mouth Fuelling the Growth of Prepaid Credit Cards

Ever since the appearance of prepaid cards in the UK in 2000/2001, the prepaid card industry has been growing steadily. There has been exponential growth in some sectors which others have lagged behind but the growth has been nowhere close to the kind of growth that the scheme managers like Mastercard, Amex or Visa predicted […]

23 September 2010

Dexter Making a Killing With Prepaid Credit Cards – ALT, CTRL, DEL!

The new season of Dexter kicks off soon and serial killers beware as undoubtedly Dexter’s “gonna get you” but Dexter is nowhere as potent or lethal in his actions as are some prepaid stakeholders who are killing prepaid credit cards. Now, it would be wrong to pin the blame for the failure of prepaid credit […]

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