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11 June 2014
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Travelling to France – Remembering D-Day 70 Years On

Friday 6th June, marked 70 years to the day since Allied forces embarked on the largest amphibious assault ever to take place. D-Day – as part of operation Overlord – saw thousands of British, American, and Canadian troops pour onto the beaches of Normandy to rid Europe of Nazi oppression. In the 11 months that followed the […]

23 April 2014

Remembering History: How 2014 can Serve as a Poignant Reminder

This year marks a number of important historical dates that should not be allowed to pass in to distant memory. The summer of 2014 will mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, a period that saw a great deal of horrors alongside the birth of modern Europe. Meanwhile, June 6th will […]

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