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26 August 2011

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The Escape Travel Card is one of the best prepaid travel money cards around. There are a number of reasons why this prepaid currency card is extremely popular with travelers in the UK.

Here are the top 5 reasons why an Escape Travel Money Card is perfect for your pocket

  • Available in 3 Currencies: The Escape prepaid travel card is available in Euro, Dollar and Sterling. That means you can use your card anywhere in the world. As a Mastercard prepaid card, that means over 30 million retailers worldwide for purchases and 2 million ATM’s for withdrawals.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: With Escape currency cards, there are zero transactions fees for using your prepaid currency card anywhere in the UK or abroad.
  • Free ATM Withdrawals Overseas: ATM withdrawals are absolutely free the Escape travel money cards. So you do not pay a fee for making ATM withdrawals on your card when used overseas.
  • Earn Cashback on Purchases: Earn up to 20% Cashback at 1000’s of stores by shopping online with Escape Travel.
  • Beautiful Card Design: The Escape Travel Money Prepaid Mastercard is available in one elegant design that simply has “TRAVEL” written all over it.

Read the Escape Travel Card review and find out more about the benefits of this exceptional prepaid travel card at Prepaid365 or apply for the card on the Escape Travel Card website.

You can get the  Escape Travel Prepaid Card at http://bit.ly/pbxN4o

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