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24 November 2011
Card Launch

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The T24 Black Prepaid VISA card was reviewed and launched on Prepaid365 earlier today. The T24 Black prepaid card is the undoubted “Daddy” prepaid card amongst prepaid cards targeted at the affluent worldwide traveller and the discerning user. A truly mind boggling USD 50,000 load limit make this the  ultimate high end credit card alternative without credit.

The T24 Black prepaid credit card comes with complementary Priority Pass Membership with  access to business facilities and refreshments at over 600 Airport Lounges as well as premium travel insurance, giving you ease of mind and a comfortable trip every time.

The top 5 reasons for getting the T24 Black prepaid VISA card (or “BIG DADDY” card) would be as follows

  1. USD 50,000 Card Balance Limit – As a frequent global traveller, it just does not get better than this. The T24 Black prepaid VISA card is for those who like to travel in style.
  2. Complimentary Priority Pass Access – Priority Pass Access comes as standard with the T24 Black prepaid card which provides access to 600 Airport Lounges worldwide, with business facilities, refreshments and a whole lot more..
  3. Complimentary Premium Worldwide Travel Insurance –Did someone say Travel insurance? This power prepaid card comes with free premium worldwide travel insurance and medical benefits as standard.
  4. ZERO Transaction Fees – Yup – there are no transaction fees on the T24 Dollar Prepaid Card. So use in a USD region with zero transaction fees at retail.
  5. No Credit Checks – Even with the enhanced card balance limit of USD 50,000, the T24 Black prepaid VISA card is a prepaid card and that means no credit checks or bank accounts are necessary and there is guaranteed acceptance subject to identity & residency checks.

Read the T24 Black Prepaid Card review and find out more about the powerful concoction that provides privilege, discretion and affluence.

You can buy the T24 Black prepaid card at

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