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T24 Black Prepaid Card Review 4.5 Stars

$50,000 MAXIMUM BALANCE and benefits include Priority Pass & Premium Travel Insurance
T24 Black Prepaid Card


Issue Fee
  • Monthly Fee $0.00#
  • UK POS $0.00
  • UK ATM $3.00
  • FX FEE 1.80%
  • INTL POS $0.00
  • INTL ATM $1.20**
  • LOAD $2.00 via Bank Transfer and Card to Card loads

*Awards Season Special Offer

As a time limited offer, T24 have an awards season special offer where you can choose between two packages -
  • T24 Black premium offer: 240 USD 170 USD, $20K standard load limit with $50k higher load limit with extended ID Verification, Priority Pass and Travel Insurance
  • T24 Black Limited offer: 110 USD , $20K USD load limit, No complementary services
Find out more on the T24 Black Website

#$0.00 Monthly fee -  Free for first 12 months, then $15.00 per month.

** ATM fee for withdrawals in USD region is $1.20 and in non-USD regions is $3.00.
The T24 Black prepaid VISA card is the brand new high limit prepaid card from the team at Transact24 and VISA. The card is especially designed for the worldwide traveller for personal or business use and provides a range of truly stunning benefits.

The T24 Black card comes with a mind boggling USD 50,000 load limit and is the ultimate high end credit card alternative without credit. In addition to the high limits, T24 Black prepaid card users enjoy complementary Priority Pass Membership which provides access to entry, business facilities and refreshments at over 600 Airport Lounges as well as premium travel insurance, giving you ease of mind and a comfortable trip every time.

As a VISA prepaid card, you can use the card anywhere the VISA Acceptance Mark is displayed.
The T24 Black Prepaid VISA card is designed for the worldwide traveller and is exactly the sort of perk that one looks for as part of a Corporate Travel programme. Get your HR team signing up to this benefit which provides a maximum $50,000 balance limit, access to over 600 Airport lounges around the globe with Travel insurance and medical benefits to boot. This is the real deal.
The T24 Black prepaid VISA card is only available as a USD Card which means usage in non USD regions attracts an FX Fee but at 1.80%, the FX fee is extremely competitive and is actually better than a lot of prepaid travel cards. As a card targeted towards the high net worth and affluent professional, there is a significant application fee although it provides significant value through the generous load and balance limits and additional benefits.
T24 Black Prepaid Card
Reviewed by Prepaid365 on .
Discretion, Privilege and a $50,000 Load Limit!
$50,000 Maximum Balance and benefits include Priority Pass & Premium Travel Insurance.
Rating: 4.5

Application Process  5 Stars

You can apply for a T24 Black VISA prepaid card using the quick and simple online application process.

  • Apply online: All applications are processed directly on the website at www.t24blackcard.com using an easy 5 step process that takes about 10 minutes to complete. All you need to complete your application online is proof of address and a colour copy of your passport.

Following a successful application, your card is normally delivered within 14 days subject to your location and the postal service; quick and slick!

Card Features  5 Stars

  • Load limit of $50,000 – that’s right! High net worth indeed.
  • World’s 1st Prepaid Card to offer complimentary Priority Pass* Membership.
  • Complimentary Annual worldwide travel insurance with medical coverage.

*Priority Pass gives you access to over 600 VIP airport Lounges, complimentary refreshments, access to business facilities and a whole lot more.

Card Design  5 Stars

One snarling new black card design to tame your animal instincts!

Card Fees  4 Stars

The T24Black prepaid card is available as a US Dollar card and is targeted to towards the high net worth customer.

  • Card Issue Fee – $240.00 $170.00* (Premium Package with Complimentary Services) & $110.00 (Standard Limited Package
  • Monthly Fee – Free for first 12 months, then $15.00 per month.
  • Transaction Fee UK – Free (there may be FX fee for using USD card in GBP region).
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee UK – $3.00** (plus FX fee for using USD card in GBP region)
  • Reload Fee – $2.00 via bank transfer and Card to Card loads.

* See awards season special discounts above

** ATM fee for withdrawals is $3.00 in GBP and non-USD regions but is $1.20 in USD regions. For a complete listing of the fee structure, see the “Fee Highlights” section on the T24 Black VISA Prepaid Card Website.

Account Management  4 Stars

The T24 Prepaid Card team provide a comprehensive online account management facility at no additional cost. You can perform a range of functions using these online facilities. Online Account Management facilities include the ability to

  • Have real time access to online statements
  • Check your balance through ATM/Online/IVR or SMS
  • Have access to 24/7 Customer support, SMS and IVR services.

Using Abroad  4.5 Stars

The T24 Black Prepaid card is available as a VISA prepaid card which means that you can use it at over 30 million retail locations around the world that accept VISA in addition to making withdrawals at over 2 million ATM’s across the globe.

Usage at retail locations is Free in US dollar regions and using in a non-USD region will attract a low 1.80% FX fee which is highly competitive when compared with other travel cards. An ATM withdrawal in USD regions will cost you $1.20 and withdrawals in a non USD region will set you back $3.00 plus the FX fee.

Reload Options  5 Stars

Funds can be loaded on to your T24 Prepaid Card using a number of options as listed below.

  • Bank Transfer – $2.00
  • Card to Card Load – $2.00

Additional Load channels which should be live shortly include

  • Internet Debit Card – 3.00%
  • Internet Credit Card – 3.00%
  • Post Office Loads – 3.00%
  • e-Voucher – $2.00

Remember, the T24 Black Prepaid VISA card comes with a fantastic $50,000 maximum card balance but the maximum load per transaction is $20,000 which can be availed using bank transfers.

Customer Services  5 Stars

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with the T24 Black Prepaid VISA card customer services team.

  • Online: Use the “Contact Us” facility on the T24 Black Prepaid Website
  • By Phone: +44 20728 16090
  • By Email: support@t24blackcard.com
  • Lost and Stolen Cards: +44 20728 16090 (Available 24/7)
  • By Post: Transact24 Trading Limited 3rd floor, Heritage House, 235 Main Street Gibraltar

Note: Calling the customer service hotline is free but your local carrier phone charge is applied as per the norm – so calls from mobile networks may incur a fee or use your inclusive allowance.

Complaints Procedure  5 Stars

If you would like to make a complaint or are unhappy with any element of the service provided by the T24 prepaid card team, please contact them using the “Contact Us” facility on the T24 Black prepaid card website. The T24 Prepaid team are committed to responding to all enquiries at the earliest and dealing with all enquiries quickly and fairly.

You may be able to take unresolved complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Telephone: 0845 080 1800 or +44 (0)20 7964 1000 (for calls from outside the UK) and e-mail:enquiries@financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

Awards  3.5 Stars

The T24 Black Card comes with an exciting range of features and benefits and a truly mind boggling $50,000 maximum balance limit with a sleek black design and excellent customer service to boot – and the accolades are certainly starting to stack up.

  • Best International Prepaid Card – Winner – Prepaid365 Awards 2012
  • Best Newcomer Prepaid Card – Runner Up – Prepaid365 Awards 2012

Overall Card Rating  4.5 Stars

Priority Access, premium travel insurance and a $50,000 balance limit for the discerning Customer!

Get Privilege & Comfort with the T24 Black Card Now
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